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  • Don't know if you have ever seen " nullis " on here but he broke it down for me.. find the thread labeled fox farm ocean forest and PH, its a long thread but youll get a better idea of what im talking about
    ill be honest i tried everything less more non at all, every different ratio you could possibly think of
    I had the same problem when i started using big bud.
    You start the bloom food to early. Your taking about the sensi a-b right?
    I use there GMB with a ratio 1-1-1 teaspoons per gallon. for weeks 1-three and weeks -7 i use 1-2-three. How long do you hang your lights. I notice that happends to some of my plants that are to close to the 1000watter. I look at all my plants to determane what the problem is. Sometimes the plants that are around the perimiter of the garden dont get as much light and look alot greener than you have to raise your lights. I used to drop my light 12" above my plants. Now its 18" inches away.
    Do what ever works for you.
    Its all good. Im just saying how come promix works for everyone else? That all people use around here. None of them add lime. Could you tell me your set-up. nutrient line?
    Pro-mix flushes out easy thats why i use it. I feed once a week and water the next. so acid ferts do not have a chance to build up. Im curious to what your ppm levels are? Give me some info so we can work threw this.
    Its like this. EX. When your plants are grown hydroponicly. You ppm rises when your water level drops. And your PH levels with drop aswell. Then you top off with water and its back to normal. Now if you fed the perfect amount the ppm and ph wouldnt change because the plants used as much water as they did nutrients.
    Im just saying that because pro-mix is already ph'd with lime. Lime takes more than a couple weeks to fully work. Its not like its getting flushed out.
    so ppm levels in the first week and food???
    just delete these after. I cant send you a message cause your inbox is full...
    Yea. Your inbox is full.
    Im from Vancouver. Everybody grows around here.
    I could only see my self adding lime to promix if i was mixing something else in it. BUT.. I have a tub of that oxycal stuff so ill try it on a few test plants. Ive had the same problem as you once, because my water ppm was very low 25 and there was not enough cal/mag in it. Now i just add calmag and it seemed to work alot better for me.
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