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  • hey man, i decided to respond to your post about Vermont medical marijuana here

    for a simple answer, no, you would NOT be able to get medical marijuana.

    for an extended answer...
    the rules for medical marijuana in VT are dumb. haha. best way to put it

    you would be eligible if you had a terminal disease, AIDs, cancer also MS and other pain related diseases.
    also, even if you did have one of these diseases, you are just given a card in VT, then left up to your own devices, meaning you would have to grow up 3 plants yourself (which is not enough for many medical users) or buy it which is still illegal.

    the next step in VT is getting dispensaries, which our new governor Shumlin should make sure happens. Hopefully in the next couple years

    if you live in New England or are about to, then you can join my group New Englander Unite on my profile
    holla at me about anything weed related
    happy smoking!
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