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  • The budder is just a 'cleaned' product of butane hash oil. When the butane has evaporated away, you set your pyrex dish in warm water and 'whip' the oil around until it eventually turns to budder. Let it dry, and scrape away... easy shit really. watch the youtube videos.
    FYI- jtr is great smoke. I prefer it over any kush, anyday. Unless i become an insomniac.....
    im not knocking jtr its fine yields well good day smoke etc... but there are better strains to work with such as
    the various og kush cuts and hybrids
    the various bubba kush cuts and hybrids
    socal master kush
    pure kush
    purple urkel
    blue dream
    the various chem dawgs cuts and hybrids
    there are plenty more these are just a few off the top of my head which i like.
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