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  • Well nick I was goin to ask you a question but it seems you have moved on from wish you wellness and yields
    Mr. Ganja...Thank-you so much for your reply. I'm far from a noob, but have followed many of your posts, appreciate your sound advice, and the time which you have (like myself), obviously dedicated to your craft. As such, I am reaching out to you with a SERIOUS S.O.S!!! I am posting this in the Plant Problems section in open forum, just in hopes that I can get a speedy reply from someone KNOWLEDGEABLE, but I would be most interested to get your take on my present crisis. I wrote you a LONG message here, only to be told that it can only be 1000 characters. Please see my post in Plant Problems under "S.O.S!!!HELP!!!PLEASE!!!!

    Thanks again for everything!
    Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I do appreciate any and all input. Have got most of my problems under control, was gonna say that the reason I Ph at 6.0 is because I don't actually grow in soil. I use a soil-less medium made of ProMix HP and a few other amendments, and I seem to have more success at around 6.0. Thank-you for everything!
    Sorry! Any way you can check my album in my profile? I put the pics up there because I didn't know how to load them on here. I've got a little browning from when I'm pretty sure I burnt them the other week but these spots are new and different. They're mainly on the top 3/4 of the plant. The same type of spots are on both fan leaves and other leaves (for lack of better terminology). Could they be a fungus because theyre suddenly on both plants? Both plants are on same watering/feeding schedule as well so that could negate the fungus idea.
    Hey Nick I've read some of your posts regarding nute deficiencies/abundances and I was wondering if you could help me out. My plants are 25 days into flower and I have begun to notice some irregular brown spots. This is my first grow and I have encountered various brown spots throughout the cycle but these ones look different. I use organic soil and add Technaflora nutes (BC Bloom, ect.). I water when necessary and do the same with nutrients (although I think I recently burnt the plants). I am coming to you because I'm new to this and I know how important a proper diagnosis is for your plant problems.
    I tried to load the pictures onto this page but I couldn't find out how to load them here. I'll post the pics to my profile on here and if you could help me out that would be awesome, thanks a lot!
    Hey bro
    what i should do from my height plants so?!
    I put their pics today ( my preflowering plants)
    yesterday i put my light closer but i saw they were too height .
    I changed my light to 12/12 3 days ago for showing their sex
    i worried about them
    I saw your album .
    My sys is similar to u I think
    Plz chck my thread ( plz check) and take your advice
    best u best wishes
    by the way i forgot to add that the plant is seemingly fine, two true leaves; i mean its a little small in comparison to a plant only a few days younger but besides that it seems like its gonna grow fine i got a combination toothpick twist tie combo goin on.
    hey bro whats goin on quik question if u dont mind. i had a container holding six cubes with seeds germin. and the thing fell and the one that sprouted got smashed right near the entry to cube. my question is should i cut it gel it and replant it as with a clone or just leave it to recover . the only reason i want to cut it is becasuse it is thread thin at its base and i dont want it to break while im at work and im not there to save it when i could have fixed it from the go. im workin on tryin to get the pics up i dont really know how.
    hey man im a noob please help. i have one out of six plants sprouted after only 4 days (stoked! started in seed.)but i can see that the others are on their way up, should i put the lights on or wat. by the way im using a 400 watt mh by the way
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