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  • hey dude where have you been its august 08 2015 hit me up on skype havent heard from you in awhile
    Hey buddy, too hard to send a link since I'm on my phone at the moment. But it's in my signature. :) or like 3rd possibly 4th down on my "threads I've started"
    Hey old, how it been? I got some new pics up just a short time ago. Have a look and let me know what u think.
    Sweet I will do that next grow for sure. I just found out I tested my N and it is lower then 5.0 yikes on my chart and I also tested my P and it was a bit low like 5.8 (could be abit higher my K is perfect so the problem is my N-K need to go up. I was thinking of using blood meal 12-0-0 to fix the nitrogen deficency and then adding my tiger bloom to bring up the P. What do you think? does that sound good? Will my leaves green up again once I add the nitrogen or will it just stop the yellowing? How do the plants look other then the bit of yellowing?

    thanks for your help I will get that stuff you said my next grow :)
    Okay cool now that I know the pots are fine that solves that problem and they didn't droop so its not over watering the only thing I can actually say it is, is lack of nitrogen I need to give it stronger doses more often. I was only giving them tigerbloom half of a teaspoon per 3 letres of water every other watering and the strength of the tiger bloom is 2-8-4.
    I checked the ph and it was at 6.2 dont know the ppm though. As for feeding I havent been able to feed them cuz I was away for the week but I am using tiger bloom and as soon as the soil dry out enough I will give it a good dose. They shouldn't be root bound yet right ? They havent even hit 2.5 feet yet.
    With out knowing the ppm's and ph you are only guessing of what the problem is.....if it was just overwatering the leaves woulf be curling and drying up on the fan leaves.....not just yellow. What are you feeding them and at what stright???
    do you have a way to check ppm's? you would need to know that and the ph can also do that.....no you shoudent get yellowing leaves untill 8 to 10 weeks depennding on the strand.....ppm metters are about 30 bucks on amazon.com
    Hey man I know it is normal for marijuana plants to start turning yellow during flowering but I am going into the 4th week of flowering on friday and my leaves are slowly starting to turn yellow abit at the bottom and very minimum at the top. I know that during flowering the buds steel energy from the leaves. Is what I am seeing normal at 4 weeks should I give them a dose of nitrogen so they stay the nice green or should I just leave them be.
    Thanks man for taking a look I think they will yield awesome if everything keeps going the way its going :)
    Hey man just updated my journal 3rd week into flowering take a look :) Tell me how they are coming along. Hey is is okay if I bend the sativa a little at the tops? they are tall they are stopping me from lowering my light abit more. Its not like the light is to high It just not as close as I would like it to the white widows. I was thinking of bend two of the tall tops a couple inches just so they are all getting equal amount of light :)
    Hey I am going away for the week but I just posted another update of the pics so go and take a look. They are coming along amazing!! I see more and more bud growth each day :)

    tell me what you think
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