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  • i tried looking at ur pics but it said invalid attachment or sumtin i was dyin to see them too let me know .. i dunno....
    ok i have been getting a lot of mixed reviews of temps i should keep, I was thinking i was running way to hot in my room, but if you think my babies will do fine i will stop the worrying and let them take there course. I have been able to keep my grow in the Mid to High 80's and even with the lights off for the past 3 hours the room has only cooled to around 83...what would be my danger temp zones Joe?
    awwww duuuuude ur shits tooo nice man such healthy leaves and such hairrry haiirs man.. i just looked at my calender were on the same day im 44 too haha if only i can find out how to upload from my phone were cool but bro i love all ur tips u obvioulsy have had many harvests i cant wait my seeds are like teens and its soo exciting purple cheese a mystery seed deep purple and gdp yeeee
    im growing sour desiel just hit week 6 yesterday they look so sexy. i just sprayed some greencure which didnt smell was organic and safe the guy who owns humbolt nuts told me to try it and it worked instanlt i love how ur so good at getting back to me on this stuf your awsoem i only have an exaust fan running thru aa carbon filter and a ducting fan for my light heat flow hopefully after harvest ill get an intake
    yo dude i cant do anything about my pm some guy at gh hydro toldme to get serenade and that shit smells like ASSSS i dnt wanna use it on my babies im about 6 weeks inot harvest on sour d whcih inst done untill about 10 what do u suggest i do like what is an assure way because it is sooooo bomb i dont want it to be ruined by pm please bro come thru with the guru goodies
    damn man your shit looks amazing. we have a very similar set up but mine are very space consumimng i have 9 in a small area. i have neem oil and soap but im too affraid to use do u suggest any certain brand of fungicide of anything to help my pm im about weed 6 more lie 5 and a half thanks for the help again your the man
    I picked up some White Widow, Black Widow and White Castle, plus the free seeds they give you!
    Top of the morning to you

    No problem about the friend request, your plants look awesome. And yes, IZZY is a great guy, he was one of the first people on here to become a friend, someone to rely on. How long did you veg your plants for? You should also take a look at my recent journal posts. I have 11 plants on the go altogether lol.
    wasssup man im in week 5 of sour diesel looks and smells amazing but i want the nugs to start boofing up and becoming super dense. i have a 5 by 3 by 7 tent with a 600 watt up in there. im gunna start to use bloom bastic this week and need help on how to distribute. i also use floranova bloom and ginormous by humbolt. also my seedlings are super bomb and big but tehres few that are droopy and yellowish is there any nuts i can give them or is it to early about 3 to 4 weeks into seedling. thanks brada and also slightest problem with powdery mildew with temps and rh at 78 and 50. any comments lemme kno u da man
    not much I liked your post. I am a grower got some plants 5 days into flowering, I like to absorb all information and learn new things everyday. I find the more friends you make on here the better, learn some tricks and tips :)
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