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  • dude you need any help let me know I have pretty much prefected this strain already. I can tell you one thing that will make a world of difference to your plant. Give it a high P because if you dont it will go deficent very quickly this strain eats it up big time. Just dont over water and over nut make sure you have lots of good light penetrating it and give it a high P because this plant really loves it and you will be good to go.
    Really? So your saying bending would be better then 4 main colas? Hey how come you didn't clone? I think I'm going to try and clone this week, providing they grow a couple of inches this week!
    How long did it take yours to get to 18"?
    Cool I just looked and there looking good! I still have mine at 18/6, i'm trying to get them at about 15 to 18 inches before I put them in 12/12 stage. I did fim them but I think i missed, so I'm going to top them this week. I want them bigger so I could get some clones too!
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