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  • Good chatting with you to man. Good choice going with the promix. That stuff gives the plants very minimum of stress. I have only had to give it a tiny shot of calmag once to fix a very minor deficency of calcium but other then that its an awesome soil. My PH has always been between 6.5 to 7 at the most. guess thats the benifit of having the limestone ph adjustment built into the soil :)
    Hey man my Lsd I put into flowering at 16inches and it finished at 3.8feet tall. And I was only growing 1 plant yielded 3.5 but thats not includiing all the bud I picked just before it was done. I think if I wouldn't have picked any bud I would have had 4oz and a little bit (That being my first grow) without a culivation class at the time LOL!!
    Dude promix is fucking awesome man A++++ soil. I know so many people who use FFOF and they have all now changed to what I am using. I was told in culivation class PROMIX is the way to go. AS for what I mix with it. I only use about 1/2 inch of peat moss. in the bottom of my pots just so my soil stays moist longer. but ya I dont mix anything with my promix soil other then put that little bit of peat moss at the bottom of my pot. My soil has wormcastings, Perlite and Limestone for PH ajustment in it. Give it a try man it works wonders I will never switch this soil. Oh and for veg I use bloodmeal 12-0-0 and for flowering I use tigerbloom and calmag.
    Hey man I put them all into flowering at the same time bagseed sativa was 13inches. 1 white widow was 12inches the other was 10inches. I am guessing they are all around 2.2feet with the sativa being the tallest.
    ya the stuff does have a nice trippy feeling to it. buzz last about 2.5 hours possibly 3. Very smooth smoke I can taste like a peppery sweetness to it. All in all very nice high and great yield you will love the smoke.
    Hey man I yielded 3.5 ounces of weed of that plan't and its nice and dry and smokable. Little tiny bit airy but very nice shit.
    I'm jealious bro. lol
    But hey send me your medium recipe. Oh yeah the plants are looking alot better.
    Thanks for the complement man. Ya I think I did a pretty dam good job for my first grow. I think it will yield about 3 to 4 ounces of medium density buds hopefully expecially if I wait till monday to harvest this thing has put on alot of wieght in the past week.
    dude check out the pic i posted its almost done now. I am either going to chop it tomorrow night or I am going to give it till monday. I will decide tonight what I am going to do. What do you think?
    Thats cool dude wait a week if ya want to it wont hurt. as for the training the plant wont be 3feet but if you didn't train it would be. see what i am saying now LOL
    hey man i just checked out your plants. they should be good to put into flowering if you want from what I see. What are you feeding them though? are you giving them nuts rightnow if so lay off the nuts for 2 weeks let the plants recover because your leaves look like they are getting burned from the nuts. When you go back to giving them in 2 weeks cut the amount of nuts that you are giving them dont give them as much as what you were because its ovious that your strains are pretty sensitive.
    hey man just flower them if they are 12 inches or more they will most likely finish at 3 feet even without the lst. if you have already topped and already did the bending technique just go for it dude. with a decent light and the bending and topping you will have a nice even canopy for the light to penatrate so your plants will bud very nicely.
    Ya man holy shit me and this guy almost have all the same techniques how awesome is that. he uses promix as well and tops and bends and shit wicked. Just follow what we do and you plants will be awesome ;) This is really only my first grow but I was taught by the best grower my grandfather who has been growing for probabley 47 years.
    LOL nope never got my thoughts from hobbs. Guess we think alike :). keep posted because i am havesting my plants in 10days and hanging them and then posting a pic of day 1 of drying so everyone can see what they look like upside down. But man they have fattened up the last 7 days big time each and everyday i see a difference. Dont chop your lsd early man they will pack on alot of wieght in 2 weeks.
    awesome man sounds good. i cant really say much on the triband leds because I never tryed them so I cant diss it all i know about that light is it takes longer to grow with thoughs lights. good luck though man hopefully you get some decent yields when you are done.
    Well man If I were you I would go with a 400watt hps and use cfls for side lighting. use a bloodmeal 12-0-0 for veg and then for a fertilizer use something of this calibre 15-52-15 if you can find it. I dont use nuts cause alot of people said it tends to burn the the plants. alot of people prefere it but I know of people who use a high fertilizer and have had better results and it doesn't burn there plants as near as bad or at all. I would also use an organic soil such as promix ultra it works awesome.

    But ya man try bloodmeal 12-0-0 in veg and just use a fertilizer that is high in P in flowering. Forget the nuts they can cause more problems then anything stick with the molasses in flowering though its a great product and works awesome. but I can tell you get a hps your plants will grow quicker expecially if you use the combo of a 400watt hps and the cfls for lighting. Dont use the led unless you really have too they dont work that great expecially compared to a hps.
    hey man an even better idea would be to top wait and then 2 to 3 weeks later bend them too that way your getting the best of both worlds and the Lsd will handle it very well. :) do it up man what do you have to loose the lsd thrives reguardless on what you do to it.
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