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  • I built a little grow room and moved out of my closet. I got all the info in my blog. If you get a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think.
    Hey thanks for sending me a friend request :) zi izzy iz is a nice guy we both just had a little misunderstanding. The other guy on izzy's post is nosy thats all :) How long you been growing mushu93? I took a course last summer with horiculture and have been growing for 2 years now. keep an eye on my grows, you will be impressed with every grow I do. I usually get real good yield under 600watt hps. you need help or anything just send me some mail or post on my wall I am here to help the marijuana world LOL. expecially thoughs that have took the time to read my journals and learn my style of growing.

    check out the grow I have going rightnow
    Cool well my seed was a no go ill just have to order some or get som from my friend he should have fresh seeds from some of his laddys
    Good Morning :)

    My Germination isnt going to well my seeds still havnt germed i think i might have to get some more but i might oreder sum this time.
    Hello to yea me ontario friend lol anyways um yes using the sun right now and everything really i got is from the dollar store as well here i wanna use lights as well cuz my girl friend works at walmart so were good i got fan on them right now like you said so thanks so much for that :) i have little in it like 2 and half feet high and maybe like 2 feeet whide think i can do something with it let me know cuz really i love to get them out my window cuz like really i live on busy street and i bet cops will start driving right by and seem them sometime so hit me back and thanks alot

    your ontario friend
    see me and my girl friend are doing this together its like our new babys i guess its our first time we dont really no what were doing just wanna little help dont got to much to spend if u can help that be awsome thanks so much :D cheer have a good day
    well i am really doing everything like you i got the nutrient jobe that u had as well fbut i put it in a spary botle and i just been sparyin them is that ok like really i am just using little like sun light really you think they be alright cuz really i am from northern ontario right now its not to hot with the sun do you think i be ok maybe u can give me cheep ass list that can help me grow my babys little faster then what they are now cuz really they are three weeks old seems like sun just doing slow job lol
    Sorry to hear about your dog eating your plants. And yes I only have the two plants. I find it much easier to concentrate on one or two plants at a time. The last time I tried a big grow I almost killed 3 outta 5 plants
    Ive seen ur new post everything looks great glad u could start up again ill be starting soon its getting warm an ive got a job :)
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