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  • whats up man check out the new grow miss u man ur like my internet brother. i didnt tell u me and this girl that a friend might be moving up to canada. fuck america its a sinking ship and i dont want to be apart of the bs that exist here full of hypocryts and no one wanting to take responsiblity why leaving people age 18 - 26 working 2 30 hour a week jobs just to live in a shitty 1 bed room apartment barely enough to feed urself
    Oh., also to keep your plants the way you want, short or tall, bushy or whatever you want them. Start pruning them.
    Top of the morning to you. Thats good about the fan. and yes I would suggest getting them out of the window before summer traffic hits lol. our box is only 2 and a half feet wide by 2 feet high. It's all in how you set your box up to get the maximum space and light. In our box we have over 10,000 lumens (what makes the crystals and plant itself grow) with just CFL bulbs. We also have enough room in our 2 and a half by 2 ft box to have at least 10 vegging plants. We've got some pics posted of our box to give you an idea of what it looks like. We're happy to share any knowledge we have with you, so keep us posted =]

    For our grow box we just used an old desk and put a door on. The mylar (shiny reflective stuff lol) was an investment for us, before the mylar we just used white plastic to coat the walls to reflect our light.. Let me know if you have anymore questions and if this helped at all. I'd also like to know which way you guys chose togo, lights or sun? talk to you soon

    Depending on wht way you want to go with them, you could keep them in the window or where ever you have them under the natural sunlight. If you chose to keep going with the sunlight, just make sure your not freezing them out. You can buy a themometer at the dollar store or wal mart, pot likes the temp between 70 and 75 degrees celcius. If you find its too cold, move them to a different warmer location near a window or buy a small space heater and adjust your temp as needed. As well keeping them in the natural light may take them a bit longer to grow as you like. And it's hard to keep a proper light cycle, that being said what light cycle do you have them on now? Just whatever the sun decides to do? But if you decide that lights are the way to go, we are using CFL's and eventually a HPS. The bulbs can be boughten at wal mart or zellars. And for the fixtures we went to a thrift store and bought and took apart lamps.
    Top of the evenong to you. The plants I have belong to me boyfriend and I as well lol. To answer your question, I really don't think it mattered that yor spraying them with the nutes instead of leaving it in the bottle in the soil. Just don't spray them with straight nutes, make sure you dilute it with your water. I am from the same part of Ontario, so I know that it's not exactly the warmest. I looked at your pictures,and the plants look good and healthy. The stocks (stem) on them sould be thicker to support your leaves, as she will end up top heavy and fall over if they haven't already. To thicken the stock, one could place a fan on low so the plants just gently blow around. Or you could gently tie them to a stick stuck in the dirt beside them.. Our grow is low budget as we don't have a huge amount of cash to spend on it either. The only thing we spent on was the mylar and our lights.
    Top of the morning to you. To answer your question, no we haven't spent a great deal of money on this grow. What exactly did you want a list of?
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