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  • Ya dont worry about bionitcare they will be just fine and your right the taste will be better and more smooth on the lungs :)
    ya dry it for about 4-5 days and then jar it. Put it in a dark warm cool place like food cubboard or something and open jar 1 to 2 times daily for 30minutes do this for aprox 1 week and then you wont have to open jars after the first week at all cure another week with jar completly closed do not open for the last week I just stated and your buds will be nice and juicy and stink ya out quite nice :)
    what would I do. I cut all fan leaves but leave 2 fan leaves on each branch. This also promotes the last bit of bud growth at harvest. Dont worry about your pm so much though man expecially if your on the last week of harvest. If you are that worried harvest the tops now and leave the bottoms to fill out for an extra 2 weeks.
    Thats why I didn't understand why you went to that last store and the guy say you couldn't you a stray or powder for mildew. I am glad ya got some anyways and found something that would work for you. Sour diesel is nice. My nextgrow is going to chemdog its crossed OG KUSH X SOUR DIESEL. Keep it up bro you will just get better and better :)
    One thing that I know for a fact will help your plants is take off alot of fan leaves. take some stakes and open up the middle of the plants. This will let airflow to the plants. My PM is usually high as well in flowering in my tent but if your not to far from harvest this will do the trick. what type of airflow are you running?
    hey if you want to get your humidity down even more keep the tent or door open for 15 to 20 minutes just before your lights go off. It works good.
    just look for a spray so you can stray it on the leaves and the walls to keep it from coming back. Just go into your local hydro store or home and garden cetre and ask them. I forget what I used but they should all have very similar results as long as its applied properly just make sure to do bottom and tops of leaves :)
    Ya man I can definetly help ya out. get some fugicide spray or power for the powdery mildew. for yellowing pic up some calmag and grow big, works great and you wont have lockouts in veg feed these to them every other watering your will have nice green follage. In flowering use tigerboom with the calmag it will keep your plants green in budding and the buds will be nice, dense and greasy. For humidity control in veg leave your door of your grow room open 25% the humidity will go down quite a bit and in flowering open your door for 15 minutes before the light goes off the heat will excape and lower your rh which will result in trichlome buildup also know as resin glands.

    check out my grow I have going rightnow that is big bloom and calmag in veg.
    for flowering I am using tigerbloom and calmag (works awesome) no lock outs follaige is nice green :). I am in 37days flowering still got another 30 days to go.
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