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    AK Bean Brains

    Tk*nl5*haze f3 seems to be one of his standouts. I grew the nl5 dominant pack. Lots of people seem to like the haze dominant pack more though. He has crossed it multiple times and the f3 seeds are regularly available. He had some old SSSC stuff but I can't find it anymore. Also Kali mist but its...
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    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    Are Hollywood Daydream fan leaves suppose to be this big cuz it looks like a mutant....
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Who made the banana Kush f10 if I may ask?
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    Low Key Outdoors 2021

    Your guess is better than mine. How do you feel about deep fried whole crispy birds? It's a delicacy some places....
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    Low Key Outdoors 2021

    Let nature be. Bird poop weed makes good compost.
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    Useful Seeds

    Has the plant slowed down it's drinking significantly? It clearly has faded fan leaf color. This is a better way to tell when a CULTIVAR is done. Trichromes tell YOU when to cut. White trichromes are my favorite over amber trichs IMO. I like more sativa/energy highs. Also amber trichs mean you...
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    Recycled Organic Living Soil (ROLS) and No Till Thread

    Best method is to cook soil ahead of time in the grow container. U can stack these on top of each other too. They don't need light just water and turning every once and awhile.
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    exotic genetix

    Do u have pics? Sorry to ask but I have seen numerous posts by new accounts lately saying this and I have only grown solid plants from him.
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    Brisco's Bargain Beans

    Starberry and gmo for me plz. Which to soak first...
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    Solfire gardens genetics

    Exotic puts out some serious gear. How many people have used their genetics.... like Solfire did lolololol!!! U know they went to college together? Maybe fix your grow setup and try again. Don't sleep on exotic or Solfire.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Sounds like you have a special admirer Buttering u up.
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    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    That sounds very plausible. It may just be the pheno. Short bushier plants like to have shallower rooter depths that spread out. 5gal buckets are tall and not wide like totes/boxes. IMO I will not run a bucket sip again.
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    Brisco's Bargain Beans

    I'm so glad I HELD ON while u went to the tv to get the box. lololol. Vistaprint?!?!?! No way...... Never heard of them before.
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    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    My tap is 9.5ph and plants are happy.
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    Low Key Outdoors 2021

    Growing trees with pineapple sized nugs?!?