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  • hey man! message me, got something to talk to you about! check out my threads i have started
    yeah, they got me....
    when i got to blooming the directions said 1 packet of micro and 1 packet bloom....wow, what a mistake.
    funny thing is when i look around its pretty much 50/50 on who likes em and who doesnt....weird

    ima clean the whole system today...dead roots all over....
    since im in the flower stage and i cut so many roots; should i use veg nutes under a flowering light schedule?(to rebuild the root system)
    or should i use bloom nutes at this point?

    thanks so much for all your help
    of course you can! Id go with General Hydroponics 3 part flora or thier FloraNova...i like all the additives also(i use them) Pre meaused packets???How lame!
    just cut all the dead roots and put the pumps back in to make sure the new and recovered roots get plenty of fresh water
    still stained pink with the bloom nutes(a lighter shade though)
    using stealth crapo nutes. i could tell they sucked when none of the "perfect packets" measured or weighed the same.....can i change to a different bloom nutrient solution even though flower has started?
    6 days into flower and no sign of sex.....
    the lights are cfl. 1 150w warm white
    1 150w soft white
    1 150w cool white
    1 100w warm white(sides)
    lights are about an inch to 2 inches to stop the stretching
    heat is a good 78-82
    water temp is good
    humidity drops to 35 at the lowest
    damn i wish i coiuld help with the soil but i cant,...how far are the lights? What kind of lighting and what nutes are you using? It looks hungry
    i know nothing of the lil strips...i use a digital Ph meter(more accurate) Stealth hydro nutes are too complicated..I go with a liquid nutrient from General Hydro.STEALTH HYDRO SUCKS!
    epfsi1879 on yahoo
    city water from the tap
    stealth hydro nutes(micro, grow, bloom)
    ph strips from stealth hydro
    Click on my rollitup and and then on the left there is edit profile or settings...itll be under there.

    What type of water? Nutrients? what strength? Do u have a ph meter? Sounds like you got a defficiency that causing necrosis
    how do iturn on im
    new here
    dont have a ppm meter
    new to the whole gowing thing....specially in hydro
    where u been at my man.. Started a new grow and could use ur help.. Hope ur doing ok check me out when u get bak
    I said hey pimp whats really going on, he said nothen i got a pocket fulla.... 3rd cost be holden like man
    Hey purpdaddy! I was curious about something you said about takin the pumps out after a while, it makes sence but its my first grow and Im try to learn and read and understannd any and everything
    purpdaddy i could use all the advice possible for my 2nd grow im a bubblehead im using a 2' shop light with grow bulbs in it should i add more and im thinkin about upping from a 5 site to a 15 to 20 site and what kind of yeilds could i expect
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