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    Bubble Hash Question

    I've got a stupid question...I'm trying to pack as much THC in my oil as possible. So I'm decarbing my weed first and then I'm going to make bubble hash. Has anyone done it that way before? I know...people usually do it the other way around...but want to try it this way......any one try it?
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    Getting the best out of the plant

    I've finally set myself all up...I have the bowl trimmer, the bags for the hash, and just got a 2 ton press for x-mas for the mrs. and she also got me one of those HI infusion machines the tommy chong talks about. But here's my problem. How do I get the best out of the plant I heat up...
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    Harvest Time: A Tutorial

    ME....I'm still worried that I'm harvesting too soon. I'm growing Ripped's a 55 to 60 plant..and I'm going on day that I look at your harvest, I would say that their done..but "how done" you know what I mean....rare, medium rare..well done????
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    AUGH!!! Patience is not my virtue. I will watch the trichomes starting on day 55...that's when it's suppose to be ready...but I want them nice and dark...thanks for all the advice everyone.
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    I'm only 46 days in and it looks like it's ready and it's a 55 to 60 day plant is why I'm's ripped bubba
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    I've made so many mistakes in the past and this crop is looking so good I don't want to fuck it up....I haven't touched it at all...I leave my grubby hands off it.
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    alright, I hope this is the place for this question. When do you start counting days to harvest? From the day you started to flower the day you see your first signs of a flower?
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    Where have all the good people gone

    yes, if you bring it indoor, it's up to the grower, mostly. can bring a local taste to in Maine...we have a lot of local lobster compost and local costal dirt.
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    Plant growth speed

    I usually like to have my girls grow from seed for about 6 months before I use them...right now I'm growing Ripped's a TGA Genetics subcool strain and I'm growing it for pain...I also have some Jesus OG and Skilington to grow.
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    Police stopped to say hi ? Paranoia or are they out to get me.

    I would move...But that's me...and if the cops wanted to arrest me, they would have to carry me. I'm disabled, and in this state, I was given a choice by my doctor, I could either be doped up by morphine or oxy's or such, or I could use cannabis. So here I am. And that's what I told the DEA when...
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    What ppm at harvest?

    AAAHHHH....alright...your one of those..... Your easy enough to block, I'm not going to allow people like you kill my vibe.
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    Plant growth speed

    no..from clones
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    Is there any way to stop stretching in flower?

    I just pinch off that bud that keeps stretching out..
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    Why flushing doesn’t do anything

    Hmmmm.... I don't know...I think I would have to disagree...I'm going to really flush my medicine this time around and see if'n it's not a little less harsh.
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    Plant growth speed

    Depends on your lights, CO2, and nutes... In 4 weeks my plants grew over 5 feet 6's my best grow yet.