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  • I'd use it, guano's are good ammendments just takes a while to break down. You still need kelp though for proper mineralization.
    With the 1:1:1, its referring to peat:compost:aeration. So say your recipe was gonna be 2 gallons peat, 2 gallons compost ( or castings, or both!), 2 gallons perlite, I would advise using 1 gallon of FFOF and 1 gallon of peat in that aspect of the ratio. Your compost is the life of your soil so I always advise it to be the biggest investment in time and money. Nutrient teas as you're going to find on most forums are bullshit, the only way to create a 'nutrient' tea is through fermentation and creating a Fermented Plant Extract (FPE), youtube is full of tutorials for creating FPE's and harvesting the bacteria needed to create it. For now though, lets just get this soil mixed up properly, we can get to that stuff when its needed. You will need to let your soil set for at least a month, I personally give it 2 months, constantly wetting with various microbes to keep everything active. You're no bother man, ask away
    If possible, I'd grab the ffof and use it as part of the peat in a 1:1:1 peat to compost to aeration ratio. Be sure to ammend dolomite and 1 cu. cf and throw in the alfalfa and kelp. Those 3 ammendments can be had at 9/10 Tractor and Supply, they've even been rumored to carry crab meal (contains extremely valuable natural pesticides). Best of luck man, hit me up if you have any more questions
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