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  • Hi, I have order from Meijiu LM561C and now i am afraid to be scammed I have read a lot of page but didn't see your result about these board ?
    You didn't get scammed. They are legit LM561C diodes. My grow went well. Roughly 14 ounces of bud and 10,000+ seeds from my other plants. Life is good.
    Thank you for this news, I have ordered 2x304board in 3500k I assume the grow will be good : ) Hesitated with the 3000k but well I think it won't make a lot of change
    Yea, the 3500k will do you just fine. if youre running in series, you should be getting more than 500g of good nugs. depending on how you grow and what youre growing. i just took hits from tha bong with my querkle, and im high as fuck. ya know that high when you start to sweat, like your head is literally being pulled to the clouds forcefully. that kind of high. -- god damnit im high.
    reading the DIY Quantum fucking salesmen piss me off so goddamn much, and the gouging is incredible..THose weedtube shows..I'm starting out..and I gravitated toward em and got a few diodes from the photon..and they're ok, but the Chinese Diodes I'm seeing on blogs...incredible, I'm getting 4 288's from alibaba and fuck an $900 board god, thanks for combating dude
    I don’t see a “new conversation” option anywhere?? Maybe you can send me a message and I can reply to it? Sorry to bug you, and thanks I’m advance for any help.
    Id like to send you a dm. I can’t figure out how on here. Any help would be much appreciated!
    Under Inbox, click Start New Conversation, add me and send me a message. :) top right corner, next to your username and "Alerts"
    I like your writing style
    Thanks! Likewise. Direct and to the point, with a splash of humor.
    You still have my number? Call me. I havent been on forever and i cant figure out how to PM. If you dont im sure ill figure out how to pm soon enough lol
    Why do so few people not know the proper usage for 'too'. It drives me up a wall. I would say 95%+ here do it too.
    with proper consumption of a few tropical fruits you too can make your girl taste the rainbow.
    Your so fucking mean!
    If they banned gun shows
    I'll never be able to flex again!
    So my father tells me he has been typing his work orders in all caps for the office people and asks if all caps means yelling and why. I start laughing and say yes he's basically yelling at everyone. I then introduce him to the term 'butt-hurt' which he then uses in practice sentences but not the way it's normally used. Like 'are my caps causing you butt-hurt? ' We had a pretty good laugh about all this Sunday.
    I know it makes me sad he's going away :( I almost got to hang out with him when I went to California last year, but did not, that was the time it all went down :( Poor dude i'm gonna miss him.
    No I don't ban members, i'm more like a ninja mod lol
    Gentle u say ??? We both know that's not how I play.....

    Members have the ability to edit their posts for 2 days after posting. You will have to add a new post to the existing thread.

    Thanks for playing :mrgreen:
    muffin i thought u got banned? who let ya back on? weird seems everyone FDD bans finds a way back on lol well welcome back
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