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  • Hi could you suggest a good potent high yielding plant and what height you switch to 12/12? Also what do you think works out better in a 2.4 by 1.2 tent with 10 plants topping or lollipopping? Thanks
    Send me a link to your original thread. I forget which ones I've replied or commented on ;)

    Oh that would be great, thanks!

    So me and my brother talked and there might be an oppertunity to move into a privately owned property where the owner would not be visiting, ever. Also attic access so more room to play with. I'm going to view the property within 72 hours. My original plan sticks, but do you have any advice on electrics? I'd have to build a floor and room inside the attic which is no problem, but maybe a suggestion on getting the wiring up there and how much would be needed? Electrics aren't my strongest point. I'm also unsure on ventilation, would the in and out of the external room still work? (Providing it was sterile)

    Many thanks
    Hey spek.. I can't find a way to message you other than this, I have some questions if you don't mind?
    No problem. You might enjoy reading the comment I just wrote on the post ;)

    ...and yes, I will always point out when someone does anything unethical when enjoying this hobby (or business or whatever it is you do it for). I don't often stand for theft or blatant stupidity. It doesn't provide a good environment for serious newbs who join up.

    Thank you kindly for the +rep my friend. You are the first and hopefully not the last. lol I take it you would agree with the ridiculous nature of that thread about helping the guy to steal electricity? I am not one to make waves but when I saw them helping him I kind of lost it and had to say something, for better or worse. Thanks again! :)
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