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  • Hey Bud
    Soo stoned.
    Your so right on that note. My Grandfather was a 32nd degree and i've been trying to find out his role, but he was into the "shrine" so I dunno.
    a friend of his invited me to a certain animal lodge to be nominated to join, but I turned him down. This was a while ago I'm glad I did then, maybe I should c if it is still available. All the big wigs in my town are into one or more of them...
    Hey Bud
    You are aware aren't you that the Free Masons are part of this country's problem right¿
    It is a satanic occult. Symbolism, lies, more lies, and a fraternity within a fraternity or morons to hide the few.
    Profile Disclaimer, "All posts are entirely fictitious and a figment of my immagination as are any pictures which have been edited in photo shop. In no way am I affiliated or involved in or with any illegal activities and in NO way or any circumstance is this an admition of any wrong doing on my behalf, infact, I am a figment of your imagination"
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