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  • I’ve started putting some of my seedlings outside for short period of time, to slowely get them hardened. In early May they will go into a covered tunnel and then in late May (or after the last frost) the cover will come off. For these first sun exposures, I created a makeshift cold frame out of an old cooler, and I will definitely be using it again. Things stay warm and humid in there, and pests can’t get in.
    Two of my seedlings already have red stems (they are almost two weeks old), should I be concerned?

    I found this great link on another thread, that helps diagnose nute deficiencies, might be time for me to start using those.

    Just potted up a few seedlings and one of the taproots got ripped off. It was tangled real good in the bottom of the jiffy pot. Is it likely to recover?
    My first blueberry seedling just popped up. I can see that it already has a tap root coming out the bottom of the plug, probably time to pot up right away?
    Just got my very first seeds in the mail : Blueberry and Critical Magic, from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Looking to grow under a light inside until moving outside in mid-late May, depending on the weather. Got a few other options coming from Niagara Seed Bank as well, to split with a few friends.
    I use 16-8 for plants i plan on putting outdoors, then lower light by half hour every couple of weeks till at 14 and half approx. Hamilton boy eh? That way they don't go into flower when put out.
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