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  • OK - Let's see,
    1- Love the Sugarbery and Cookies!
    2 - Possible Males are TGA Jilly Bean, RD Scott's OG, Local Pakistani Punch, or TGA Jesus OG. If you post a picture of the seeds I can probably tell you by their appearance.
    3 - All of the Scott's OG female phenos were triangle dom. Pics are posted in my 2013 thread.

    Hell yeah does bill want me to bomb a quick one out for him too ????what other ogs do u have ready for fresh cuts?
    its sopose to be an off spring of the liquid coke og??? thats all i know they didnt want to share the genetics bill who will be with me got the cut.. and he gave me a cut..
    okay it will say something like dam gee its not doing it someone is hacking my shit no lie its been doing some wierd shit..
    i wanta see how you get down the avi looks sick i just cant see i usto write on the busses billboards and anything i could put my mean streek or fat cap over..!!!!
    go and hit the lil picture on top the 3rd lil thingy on top were the smiley face is were you post alfabets look next to the lil projector film strip to the left of it and hit that.then it will ask you to post pic
    dam big dog i cant see it ??? but ya thankx close call hahahah.. Life its crazzy sometimes!!!
    it is simply master x cinderella 99 is all lolz but im not shure were tga got it from thier is many imposters to me it looks like mabe tga got a hold of it.. it resembles it but i could be wrong..
    im gona have to look into those alien crosses but ya man i love to part with her but look at the pink lemonade its everwere and so is the oboma kush fuck.... lolz i gota hold on to my boxers lolz but you can have most my stuff no problem...
    I'm going to tag up a graffiti piece for u thump easy .what colors do u like. And do u want it readable or wild style . Been doing for yrs so it's not basic throw up on paper bro
    its free king kong is free but ya its more og dominate all the way the structure must be gorilla silver back it yields more than the lui normaly its supper supper stoney..
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