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  • yo swerve im about to order the btog today! should i order from the tcc site or attitude? i noticed on your site that the btog is crossed with the louie xiii? is it the same tahoe og? fuck the haters let em hate bro! ill be getting that gsc pack as soon as u drop em! and whats the lineage of the pink panties? peace!
    Swerve, good work you guys at cali are doing. I've ordered several of cali's seeds ( and getting the freebies as well ) from Attitude. Am looking forward to growing them.
    My question is this: Next year I will be doing an outdoor grow, hopefully with several of your strains, and am wondering which strains will finish the earliest?
    I am in the norcal area ( Seirra foothills) and around late Oct and early Nov. we generally get some pretty rough weather rolling in, and it does get cold. I would like to have harvested by then. What would be your personal first choice be for hardyness and a quick finisher?
    Thanks for the add... I'm a BIGG fan of what ur doin with cali strains and all the kush breeds....wish I will be as good as you in the next 5 years I'm a newbie and still learning but keep up all the good work and keep hittin wit new shit and good strains......
    blah swerve i need seeds i am pro 215 cali where can i go and get some can i just get some for you? please help bro i want you sfv or anything fem thanks juker
    Hello good sir. I ordered a couple of your strains from the attitude, Tahoe OG and Deadhead OG regular. I had fine results with germination only 1 seed out of 12 did not germinate. I had four of those turn out female and I made those "mothers" by keeping them on 24 hour light under t5 florescents. So here is the odd part 2 deadhead look fine different, but fine, but one tahoe has started budding ...... other tahoe looks good but they are all in the same tent, same environment 2 plants sharing one 4ft 8 bulb hot5 and the other 2 sharing an identical light purchased all the same time no difference in lights. So is this common to buy "reg" seeds that autoflower? Not sure what happened here i was hoping you could shed some light on this... I can say im not impressed with anything i purchased from you. I also purchased white russian and kosher kush from other breeders and with the same care i had MUCH MORE impressive results
    damn man I don't know you but I seen an article about you in high times and i know about Cali Connections, that's salty as fuck people are on this website bashing you and just generally talking shit. think they would have respect for someone who is actually doin something in the cannabis community. I've never grew out your Tahoe OG but I've smoked it and it's fuckin FIRE. just lettin you know not everybody is a dick-riding bandwagon hater .
    Swerve did u c that starfighter strain? I'm pretty sure it's ur genes and some dude sold f2s on the farmer for 20grand for 15 seeds? I can't believe it
    Sometimes its all the haters that make success feel oh so damn good :) Haters- aka-Confirmation your works are adorned~~Never gonna hold me down spirit--Pardon You swerve, but you got a real big spirit! ~~ CALI CONNEECTT:fire:bongsmilie
    Whats up the infamous swerve :)

    Got some chem4 i cant wait to crack thanks for all your great genetics. Tahoe Og is one of my favorite smokes. Big propz to you and what you've done.
    Dude, you're done, the way your posting, if it gets seen, you have no way to defend yourself in court
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