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  • hehe your maa boi blue!! fucking good some nice indica yesti... one of the smoother hitting fellas little skunky been getting rotten lol cant believe its 12am already fucking im killing the sleep lately! man your a good knacker you know how we were chatting bot dehumidi's bud rot etc... trimming that plant the other day and yeh boom a lil botrytis fuck 55% only a spot but yeh luck got us by with that one fuck your a guru kent! loving having ya round here! i feel like the douchecanoe haha exp rules!
    dude haven't got one freaking bean left fiwh is hookin a brudda up! could tran hook ryan up? haha wouldnt mind some slh in my beanstash! or your new testers!
    You can't really put a price on you private stash my dream is to give people a shot at the gooood shit! I've had the best of the best when I use take other shit not once have I had some miracle buds less is more with the koota shit bruvv I know that for sure!
    Fuck what my highlight of bucks buds um dude so far my joy has been getting these buffers lush from the get go I'm keeping everything simple and cheap my hydro shop mate has been growing for a millennia and is very very highly regarded in the community for his old pot secrets and yeh his number 1 is genetics man! My search online is really over but yeh met a couple of nice STONERS looking to help each other out I'd love a.c.u.n.t to become what it really is a TRUST were from other ends of the nation I know I wouldn't want to head out with stoners that ya can't trust? I want what you want a lil club seeds clones buds smoke ups feck man sign up to grasscity having a full d and m!
    lol fuck kent! nup! you said strain specific tho! better than fiwhs 85% during flower.... fill me in kent! and yerrr jorge reckons 40-60 im fair sure!
    hey dood! what do you think of 50% humidity during flowering?? i can get a dehumidi with inbuilt humidistat cheap but yeh only go's to 50RH!
    Ooh doing my late night shopping and have found humidi yippee cheap too with inbuilt humidistat:)
    2 wholies bro! Yeh of course what forum don't derrrrr um idk bro I just want to get a.c.u
    n.t rolling!! With no pms is v hard! I'm like ryanme123 over there too :)
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