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  • So sorry about your dog. I love my guy like crazy too. I blaze with him in my room all the time. Only fed him a nugg once. Half hour later he could barely walk.
    I use 2 zips of good trim to 1lb of butter. Grind the trim up in blender or 1/2 to 3/4 zip of bud .. Crock pot on low over night. I put a few cups of water in the mix. After cooks in crock pot use paper towels ,cheese cloth to filter the trim,butter,water mix . put in freezer for few hours. pull the butter out when hard and remelt in pot. I save the green and give a small chunk with food in am, 1/2 cookie for my hound but he will eat the stuff till his eyes roll in his head lol and loves it ...If i can help ya anymore just ask and good luck and hope ur buddy does better
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