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  • Your thread "101 Already Asked Questions" in the thread: "Newbie Central" now has too many broken links, and hundreds of images no longer are valid / missing / deleted.

    Is it possible to revise this thread to ensure the value you originally shared with those a few years back can also be shared to newer Newbies (like myself).

    I need some advice. I planted bunch and I think it's flowering but I haven't grown in about 10 years. I have been given it plant food its tall as hell I forgo exactly when I planted so I'm not sure when buds are gonna come, not sure what else I need to do to it. I can email pics to someone if someone can help me.
    hello I am a week into flower and they look grate used 20-20-20 plant prod threw veg then week ago switched to plant prod 15-30-15 just want to know if this will be enough threw flower or will i need a booster or sum sort I am growing outdoors in soil there Hugh i am also in Canada plz help and i know the food using ant that good but its what i have
    Your 'How To Grow' thread was one of the most comprehensive things I've read since we decided to grow our own. Thank you very much. Even though I don't smoke I'm really looking forward to this adventure. Looking up I see you haven't been here in over a year. Shame really.
    Can you give me some advice? i have 5 gallon buckets and i dont know how much water should go over the bottom of the net pot :(
    Had been taking pics to edit the 2.4mil hit thread that looks like shit now but every time i log on i seem to lose rights to edit. wtf?done.
    If you pm me i get an email and will reply sooner to comments. For some reason it doesn't work that way posting to my wall.
    Hey noticed you were in Colorado.. what part? I am here too about 30 mins south of Denver, just moved here from Florida. Currently learning how to grow here from my buddy but would like to meet you and possibly take some hands on learning lessons? I really want to start as soon as possible. Send me a message back if your near Denver..
    Hey just read sum of ur growin tips which was awsum but u should recommend root roit cubes i hav a 100% rate with my clones and a 90% with seeds i also use root tech for cloning
    Widow Maker
    Widow Maker
    I will add them. I have used them before. I'm not a huge fan but alot of people swear by them.
    Your grow guide thread is among the BEST tutorials on ANY subject I have ever read on the inner webs. THANK YOU for taking the time to type that out, add pictures, and shed light on what was once a dark subject for me.

    Best to you and yours.
    Im looking for someone willing to consult with me for a small fee from time to time on starting my first grow. You interested?
    Hey great guide! Just wondering if you could message me and help me out through my grow. second time around now, better lighting and set up just need some to look over my shoulder!
    Hey Widow Maker I really like the set up you published its very informative and well thought through. If you could please PM me I would like to discuss some future options if you could message me as soon as possible I would highly appreciate it.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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