1.50$ portable disposable discreet pipe..

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by verny, Sep 24, 2016.


    verny Well-Known Member

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    guys...this little device serves me well....every 1 at toke n talk were laughin at me.
    but this is so cheap,discreet.and not a wiff of smoke is lost.all that for the price of a coke bottle.
    i put up the link somewhere..i think its at toke n talk....

    the perfect weed shot glass.
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    14752376670081684472840.jpg 14752377206031736044710.jpg Got this one for $35. But thats fuckin Straya for ya.
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    but the hash.. where's has supposed to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i dont smoke anymore lol........ but yea i had one like that (sorta) it was squat chillum witha full bowl and a metal cap that had a little hole in it for you to put the flame up to. not collapsable but certain disposable cuz it tasted awful and the heat was so close to my face that it seared my nose once. :arrow:trash.:hump:
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    They definitely don't taste nice. But, I keep mine because she's been dropped a million times. And won't break. As for hash. Drop that in before the green. Then you're good to go.

    Mine sounds like a whistle when it's empty.
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