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How big is that pot ok anyways welcome to Riu and if you start in a big pot takes some time to get growing it is building a lot of roots give it more time next time try something like this16114996576371434230843.jpgas always thank you for your time and the best wishes to you and your family and friends


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My plant is about 1 week old popping from soil and it doesnt look like its growing any advice would be great, soil mix is coco and perlite, nutrients from flora-gro,bloom and micro. Led lights with veg lights on 600w hang about 17-19 inches from top of the pot View attachment 4805566

What’s up man, I’m also a newb, but something that struck out to me is that you’re already feeding nutes at such a young stage? You probably stunted the baby with too many nutes, it really wont need anything until about week 2-3 besides 6.2-6.8 PH water and a decent soil mix. What’s ur humidity and temp like? Ur lights are also probably too far because they are too strong for those babies. Go to home depot and get a t5 daylight bulb and fixture or a feit electric led grow lamp, they also sell them there, about $25-30. You will be able to hang that a lot closer, about 6 inches from the plants and prevent them from stretching too much. Don’t overwater!!! that’s how I killed my first set of seedlings. These are my second round of auto seeds. about 10 days from sprout for the bigger one and 8 days for the small ones.



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Add this to the 100 questions already on drying.

First time grower living in southern part of Australia, and my question is a bit specific.. have an outdoor grown (sativa) plant and harvested on Thursday arvo, I couldn’t hold it off any longer as most of the hairs were starting to brown.
Anyway I have hung it the shed it has some ventilation and the temp and humidity seem ok. The issue is that I didn’t plan it to well I’m heading interstate next Saturday for a week, and wondering if it would be ok to leave the plant drying until I get back? It will end up being around 14 days drying/hanging. If not what can I do as I don’t want to start curing process as wont be able to vent/burb daily ....
Am I doing something wrong? Alot of the links don't work in post #1
I believe (and could be wrong) that it's possibly because the links are several years old, or that domain was taken down, because I have the same on alot of fourms that have older links, or links with pictures it'll say broken link, if you can't find what you're looking for here, I use "grow like a pro"
1) How can I tell if my plant is male or female?

2) What makes the buds? A male or female plant?

3) Why do I not want males?

4) What type of light should I use?


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7) What is a clone?

10 ) How do you make a clone?

9) What is hydroponics?

10) What are some different types of grow rooms?

11) What is ph? And how do I adjust it?
pH Water - See More Buds

12) What ph do I need my medium at?

13) How do I adjust the ph?


14) What should I watch out for so I dont stress my plant?


15) How much water do I give my plant?


16) Can I use water out of the tap?

17) What is ppm? How much nutrients should I use?

18 )What kind of nutrient should I use?


19) What soil should I use?

20) Can I use back yard soil?

22) How to collect male pollen?

23) Making a cool tube!
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