12 new plants 4 strains going slightly down hill please help

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    ' I recently planted 12 seeds in cocohydro 60/40 on Christmas day . Blue o.g , white amnesia haze , white widow/bubblegum, and Hindu Kush . They have grew very quickly accept one which is all wrinkled and stayed small ' they all had purple stems until yesterday when I have noticed they are going greener . I started feeding them on cana a and b when the first set of true leaves appeared in give them 10ml a 10 ml b , 2 ml calmag and 20 ml rhizotonic and broke the ppm right down to around 100ppm ' anyway most of them are growing at a nice rate whilst others are more slow or maybe of halted my main concern is the two with white in between the top leaves and the one that is small and crinkled although they all have brighter green top newer leaves but maybe too light . The purple is turning to green pretty fast though but I may have over done the nutes? Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is my first grw also my runoff ph and ppm are sky high but low going in .

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    Need to put up pics

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    Rhizotonic is effective at 3 ml. Calmag is redundant if your doing canna be hesitant to add other lines.

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