18 gallon DWC

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    yea its amazing some of the heat waves ive survived so far- if the rez smells funny i just add a bit of tea to the rez, and diluted great white to the roots. should smell like mushrooms the next day ;)

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    Saw the 2ID patch and had to say whats up. Spend time in korea? I was in the 2ID from 03 to 06. 1-506th air assault infantry regiment.
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    Wow man I have never seen such a conflict of information and methods (that all work fine for those using them by the way...) be shoveled down someone's throat with force as if there's any other way...

    To the OP... bro i have no idea how u handled that... obviously u needed the help but don't be afraid to tell people who get involved last minute and push their way on you to fuck off when you were being helped already... usually it's best to stick with one persons advice once you've proven they are competent as well as researching what they're saying....

    I been in your shoes so I know the help was worth it but I can't even believe how u got pulled in every possible sensible direction, method, and non-sensible direction ever thought of...

    I think airwalker was doing just fine helping u out and pics of his setup and results prove his methods work just fine and most importantly are simple and cheap....

    I'm literally confused now... I came into the dwc section because I wanted to start running my mothers in individual dwc buckets seeing I already have the snap on bucket lid/net pots on hand and I came across this thread... dude much respect for dealing with that like a pro and not giving up... this hobby/game/whatever is certainly not for quitters and you definitely proved your salt.... now just take a breath (even though this shit is a few weeks dead) do some research, make some plans and decisions and stick with them until you master it... if after u figure this out to a consistent end product and then decide to move on to bigger n better things, go for it but when u ask for help; shut those out that don't post pics of their shit showing u what they're doing works if u get my drift...

    My only advice, simplicity is key... find a similar grow that is showing proven results (as airwalker did) n follow it to the letter until you have the know how to adapt and see things coming... 2nd piece of advice, your always gonna have issues if you can't run consistent water/nute temps... if u can't afford a real deal chiller as I couldn't, but you are technically capable of doing shit which it seems u are, take a look at a diy dehumidifier chiller... very simple to make and use on top of cheap.... and 3rdly ph and ec/tds meters/pens are an absolute must have for hydro... if u can't get them right away maybe hold off starting again until you have the necessary things to avoid wasting your nutes, electricity, mental health... seriously... nothing wrong with making a plan and executing it over time... most people who attempt to grow usually make it as far as u did and give up... regroup, research, plan and start over if that's what it takes...

    And I agree with whoever said u should run the GH 3 part, or check out blue planet nutrients 3 part which is what I run which is actually cheaper and I've seen it provide better results, I'll get shit for that but I'm sticking to my story on that... actually I run their 3 part high yield kit which comes with several other products... however I don't use all of them as a few are organic based and I'm also a 29% h202 user (1.7ml per gal every 3-5 days and at res changes, I try to work it out so I add it once during the week and at res changes) As far as the blue planet line I only use the synthetic based products in the line for simplicities sake ATM... "complexity is the enemy of reliability".... my favorite quote ever that I have no idea where it came from but it's truth...

    Either way don't give up... you'll get it... just get yourself setup right and have another go if you haven't already....

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    New cloner

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    So I dropped a few seeds into some rock wool starters and put them in the cloner. Not sure why but they seem to be growing to fast and are falling over. I was thinking cut the cube in half and try to move them down more but not sure.

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    I think u just sealed it for me, I just got a pack of chronic and cherrygasm and ended up holding off germinating them cuz I wasn't sure if I wanted to start them in rockwool cubes even though I've done it successfully before, it's just been quite a few years but I'm sold... How'd u prep your cubes?

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    well done army of one for pursuing man, its encouraging to others.

    What mix of chlorine do you plane to run? and how much?

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    I know this is late but I couldn't resist. . . ALL of this could have been avoided with a chiller. PERIOD. THE END. I rode this same 'silly-seat' BS years ago. I got a chiller and no more root problems. IMHO if you are going to go hydro get a damn chiller and be done with it! The amount of dissolved oxygen also decreases with higher temps which has a negative effect. I saw a pic you posted of all your 'nutes'. You could have bought a chiller for the same amount you spent on all those nutes and then got some 3-part AN nutes.
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    Hi, I have my first grow on the go atm, top fed DWC (check it out in newbie diaries). Just flipped and everything is going great so far. I ordered some mycorrhizal fungi before the grow really got going from RHS, really cheap, decided to keep it on stand by just in-case things go bad. I will prob get a chiller for summer grows as it gets hot here in summertime. I read somewhere, not sure where now that roots actually like it better in slightly warmer water than what you would cool it to with a chiller, The guy was also saying that even at the higher temps there is plenty of disolved oxygen in the water and its is more of a circulation problem trying to get it to the centre of the root mass (not sure if theres any truth in that). Anyone know if the mycorrhizal fungi from RHS will work as well for brewing tea? Touch wood the dreaded Brown roots will not find their way into my res but i do clean everything out Under high pressure hose and wipe everything down once a week so that may also be the answer. BTW mine stretched like that at beggining because i had light miles to far away so im guessing you down have enough light close enough, I rolled the stalk around root it cube and re-planted in my soil and in the dwc i stuck tooth picks into the polystyrene criss-crossing all the way arround to hold them up.
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    That pump is going to be to weak for that size of a res. You might want to wait on a grow op until you have the money or materials to make a correct set up.

    If your water stay at that temp you will get fungus and more likely root rot. Your plants won't grow effectively. Plants don't like to above 73 as a room temp I keep mine at 70 always.

    I mean if your set on it you could maguiver a cooling res and connect it to ur tote.

    I would get a cover for ur ress as Well that's another reason why ur ress is warm ur foil is making it absorb some heat that's why people use mylar

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    So I finally brought a chiller ... I'm gonna get a commercial air pump for a upgrade as well. Brought 3 part GH and a ph Meter and Ec meter...

    It's been a long while since I've started my first DWC journey, now I have a job so money isn't an issue anymore. SOooooo.... WATER CHILLER, PH & TDS/EC METERS, AIR PUMP, SYNTHETIC FOOD, (outside air) AIR COOLED 600W HPS, VORTEX FAN, 18 GALLON GREY TOTE. Did I win ?!?

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    what nutes did you get and do u have a reflective grow room set up? I would advice u get exhaust fans and tubes

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    3 part GH, no & I have a vortex fan pulling in cold air from outside

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    U need to exhaust the hot air out of the grow room at least. Invest in some Mylar to screen ur grow room so it reflects light onto the plants.

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    It's a closet grow and I took my door off so it's more exhaust then anything son

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    perfect! i'd suggest getting an inkbird temp controller. much much cheaper than any "grow" temp controller. i pull in outside air instead of exhausting too.

    are you planning on running a sterile or bennies in the res? even with a chiller, it does not guarantee against root rot

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    to be honest I have no idea...
    1. How do you get a 100% sterile Rez ?
    2. Beenies as in fungus and bacteria ?

    From my understanding...
    1. H202 kills everything; sterile? Chlorine kills everything; sterile? Which is better in keeping a sterile Rez?
    2. Hydroguard & great white sync well ? Teas are good to but can I really keep this stuff circulating thru my water chiller and water pump?

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    Here is my upgraded setup IMG_2795.JPG IMG_2793.JPG IMG_2796.JPG IMG_2797.JPG IMG_2798.JPG

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    These are all seeds ... all Randy's so I have no idea what they are. I guess I'm gonna get the full beginners experience fucking with DWC lol I just told myself that soil could of gotten me 2 harvest already with more plants.

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