2 Cob Citizen CLU058-1825 driver match up

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Firstgreen, Jan 11, 2017.


    Firstgreen Member

    2 x COB Citizen CLU058-1825
    2 x SST X Passive Heatsink
    MeanWell HLG-120H-48A 48v=2.5A

    Is this driver good for this set up?

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    you would run each cob at 1.2A

    Firstgreen Member

    Thx! That's what I was curious about

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I think you're under powered with that driver. You can easily handle an HLG 185H-48A, wired parallel to your CLU058's. It will run about 240 watts and 53 volts total. And about 1.9 amps each

    I run the CLU048's with this setup and it pumps

    Firstgreen Member

    Thx for the info
    are you using active or passive cooling, I don't think my SSTX Passive Heatsink can handle more then 70w-80w of heat, I'm trying to make this as power efficient as possible and see how it performs, later I might make changes if it is not what I expect.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I'm running 140mm x 70mm passives with a clip fan aimed at them, tips are hardly warm. Without the fan on them, it runs a little hot I think. I wouldnt worry about efficiency unless you're powering a warehouse grow.

    I pay about .15 per kwh. If I round up to 250 watts for the light X 12 hours, that equals 3000 kwh. That costs .45/day.

    I can grind out some additional "efficiency" but how much will it save me? How much less bud will I grow?

    Just my logic anyway.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    I cringe every time I hear someone talking about running diodes or cobs in parallel. this can cause problems with current sharing because of small differences in forward voltage and non linear resistance of diodes

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    Understandable, but if your cobs are running with proper allowances, you're fine. If one blows, the other can handle all the current it would get (in my setup). It would be a problem if you're running them at high utilization and one blows. Or if you wire a 90 cri to an 80 cri. Fear of the unknown is all you're up against my friend

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