200 tops


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Yes, but it was also an honest answer. The OP is a noob. Half a gram a watt for him should be considered a success.
If you the op is new i very much agree. And coming in trying to get 200 tops right of the bat and 1.4 gpw on a 1000 hps... I mean there are hard core old school people running co2 ans everything and not getting that... maybe if they have a warehouse full of gavitas with EVERYTHING dialed in...

Go for getting a quality product and number fucking ONE dial. In. Your. Environmental. Controls! Seriously that is the most important thing imo in any grow. And where so much is overlooked (speaking from many mistakes here lol) ... then its over feeding/watering.

Max Ehrmann

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Thats what I will probably end up doing .. honestly... are you familiar with cloning?
Oh yes I'm familiar, In fact I would say I have it down to a science. I use a homemade bubble cloner and have a 100% success rate. Why you gonna take some clones?
Here's my little 8 site $15 bubble cloner...
Made it with a Sterlite container, some duct tape, a air pump, and air stone.

Here's the mother plants day 24 flower with their clones day 3 flowering right behind them.. I love the pheno hunt! That's a 4x4 space their in and I haven't counted but there's no way 200 colas would fit in my opinion.