2013 Outdoor Summer in Review

The Pipe

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All were started in FFLW in solo cups transplanted into 18 gal totes/rope tubs
with Pro Mix.
3/4 Strength
Dr. Earth PO2 Starter
Volcano Bat Guano
Alfalfa Meal
GH Rare Earth
FF Marine Cuisine and All Purpose
Cottonseed Meal
Kelp Meal

Water Fed (usually every 5-8 days)
Whole FF Lineup liquid/ solubles +Kangaroots
Cal Mag
Sensi Grow/Bloom A+B
Dutch Master Silica
Neptunes Harvest Liquid Seaweed
Diamond Nectar
Didnt really use a lot of As and DN

Blue Dream Haze Cali Connection
blue dream haze.jpg7/27
blue dream haze.jpg 8/12
blue dream haze.jpg8/18
blue dream haze.jpg8/24
blue dream haze.jpg9/14
blue dream haze.jpg9/28
Hi there pipe ,, just wonderd what the bluberry headband was like ,, would you grow again n was it a nice smoke ??? PEACE !! Pipe .

The Pipe

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It smells amazing and easily was the biggest yeilder... definitely would do again... not super potent but it certainly does the job well.