24/0 vs. 18/6 debate is over!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mafuki, Jan 15, 2010.


    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    i used to veg under 24/0, but tested each 24/0,22/2,20/4, and 18/6.. when growing from seed best female to male ratio was always best under the 18/6 light sced.. clones root just as fast under 18/6 as any other light sced... i stick with 18/6 now,, saves a bit on electric costs, and plants are healthy as ever.. i also feel the 18/6 sced causes less stress on mothers, better mother= better clones...

    ScottyBlaze1 Active Member

    IMO, if you can keep temps and humidity in check then i would do 20-4 or 18-6. But for me, especially in the winter, my night temps get too cold and i also dont have a dehue so in full veg my humidity would spike to 80-90%. So running 24-0 keeps temps and humidity in check and made for a better gowing enviroment in my situation.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    You need to spend the coins to get these things under control.
    Growing properly is a total package. Not just at lights on.
    What are you going to do when you need to bloom in the colder months?

    Your comment to the 7 year old thread is moot! Your not giving point to the debate of 24/0 vs.18/6, as far as effect on plants in veg.

    Your only exposing a gap in your grow area set up....

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    the sex of those plants is determined by chromosomes, deep within the seed genetics long before they crack open, NOT by available light schedules after they crack. cervantes made this error in his bible, since retracted it too.
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    ScottyBlaze1 Active Member

    Actually my bloom room has 2 quest dehues, heat, and works just fine lol and i took the dehue out of my veg after switching to 24-0 bc i didnt need it. Dont get your panties caught up in a bunch i was trying to add real world experience to this tread. My rooms are all dialed in and produce great. But in the winter i run 24-0 bc of cold nights. As far as effect on plants they eat a ton more in 24-0 but some strains ( like forum cookie or some of my chem crosses) dont like all that light.

    As far as growing properly goes its proper. Would i like to do 18-6 and keep temps in check, sure, but i did what i had to do to make the best out of the situation i was in. Not every grower has unlimited funds to get all the bells and whistles for there grow. And by the way switching to 24-0 was one of the best decisions ive made for my plants in the winter.
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    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    I definetely understand 24/0 for winter im doing the same now to keep temps up above 65 in the roots
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Real world experience? To a 7 year old thread? Rooms dialed in? With no heat to the veg? Something is odd about this.....Seems to indicate a stand alone op, or a garage grow. No heat in the veg? That's not "dialed in".... Dehumidifiers - add heat...More odd...You start with pointing us to your name drop on Quest and you use 2.....What model? Why 2? I mean if you were that big an op. I would think you would have heated the Veg.......Lets see here, the model 205 removes 5.7 pints per kwh.....The 105 does 9 per kwh.....To require anything near those #'s you would need a pretty good sized op, and you say you have 2.....The price for those Quest's are, well, over priced.....Unless you commercial grow, and NO commercial operation would not have heat in the veg......Damn, back to the start of my point again - Something is odd about this.

    Pantie's in a bunch?....Oh sorry, I forgot to give them back to your ole'lady.

    ScottyBlaze1 Active Member

    You keep refering to a 7 year thread like theres something wrong with commenting on it. Ive learned plenty from old threads so whats your point. Quest 155 if you'd like to know and yes 2. They were 1900 a pop compared to the 205 which was like over 3k so i went with the 155's. Going from 4 shitty 90 pint home depot dehues, it was a great investment. But dont mind me im just a garage grower lol. For someone whos been around the block you sound like a troll looking to put your 2 cents on every comment. Your one of those growers whos stuck in there ways thats still growing 4-5 oz plants. And keep those panties my ole'lady doesnt wear any
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I'm warming up to this guy quick like!

    ChefKimbo Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever see their plants droop right before lights off? Wouldn't that be a sign that they do not require 24 hour light?

    f8youthmidman Well-Known Member

    I think they said it somewhere near the beginning of the thread, or I read it somewhere else. The answer is - they get used to the lighting schedule basically. Once they learn the schedule, they start drooping a little bit before the lights go out to conserve energy. You might also notice them perking up when the lights go on too. To save some energy.
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    ChefKimbo Well-Known Member

    Yes, they perk up right before lights on too. After doing limited reading up on the term Daily Light Integral, I was curious to see if the plants droop before lights out due to the DLI threshold. I have noticed that some plants even same strain do not droop even when given weeks to adjust to light schedule. Or could this be some indication of the overall health of the plant whether it needs to save energy due to environmental issues.

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