2nd grow - 3 strains


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Hey guys,

Just want to document my 2nd grow from seed to harvest. No bag seeds this time.
On this run I am growing:
1x Pineapple Express Auto from AMS
1x Blueberry420 Auto from AMS
1x Blue Haze photoperiod from ILGM

Starting off in 16oz party cups - Seeds straight in the soil - (Happy Frog 80%/20% perlite)

Tent size 2x2x4 - The Auto's will be moved to the 2x4x6.5 still under 18/6 while I train/and veg in the 2x2 with the Photo. When the Auto's are done the Photo will hit the 2x4 to flower, but before I flip.. 4 clones will be taken and put in the 2x2.

Light - Spider Farmer SF1000 Schedule 18/6 (will mist in light or dark)
Cheap 4' exhaust & carbon filter.
Newair slim line radiator.
10x20 heated seedling mat
ipower thermostat for heat mat.
small humidifier.
6' Fan to circulate some air/heat/humidity

Comments and input are welcomed.. I will not be reaching out for someone to hold my hand this grow. Gonna take this one on the chin if I have to. Part of the learning process. Don't get me wrong.. if you wanna offer a hand in guiding me if something seems off then by all means.. but I will not be making any "FLM HELP ME" threads related to this grow. lol
I plan to learn all I can by reading my plants.

Have a great day/night. :eyesmoke:

Day 0: