2nd week of flower leaves are weird

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    My girls are in their 2nd week of flower and some of the leaves on all of my plants have brown edges and holes some of them are even curling. Can someone please help before it gets carried away. This is my 3rd grow and I've fought powdery milde, high heat and those fucking mites.

    20170320_181232.jpg 20170320_181601.jpg Medium is coco

    Nutrients are house and garden (I follow the schedule).

    Lights are 2 1000 watt hps (I'm pretty sure they aren't too close) not hot on my hand and it's mostly lower leaves that are fucked up.

    Kennny76 Member

    I also strive to keep the temp around 75f but it has spiked a couple times to 85f but no higher. I have to add ph down into my rez every day, it has gotten as high as 6.7 but typically it's 6.4 before I add the ph down. I usually add ph down until the ph is 5.8.

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    It looks like light burn to me.

    Karah Well-Known Member

    IMG_0444.JPG Looks similar to what I'm going through. Mine are suffering from a combination of wind burn and cal/mag deficiency.

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    lio lacidem

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    Looks to me like you didnt win you battle with the bugs. Your leaves have definately been nibbled on.
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    Kennny76 Member

    Lio, that was my initial thought but I couldn't find any bugs with my microscope. I'm thinking it's light burn because I removed the glass from the light hoods but the lower leaves furthest from the lights have been affected. Hence the confusion.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    its affecting all your plants=your fault(garden manager)(environment controller)
    my guess is some feeding/uptake issue, maybe related to ph, temps and high heat, powdery mildew, (high humidity), and mites and their treatments even. happens often around here, hang in there, kill those bastards first, they will haunt you during flower.
    if you're ever going to stop them nows the end time, when those buds form you wont be able to apply anything without nasty. .....sorry this happened to you.
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    I'm going to second that. Most def don't make holes in leaves.
    Just my .02
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    Hey people I'm a virgin to this and started to grow a auto northern lights and 3rd week in to veg and my leafs are turning a little yellow at bottom of plant and all leafs curling up but don't think it's burn please can some one help me I don't want my baby to die

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    I'm using a 250 hps and soil from a grow bag and tomato feed

    Poppabones Member

    Could it be wind burn?? As my fan was proper blowing it about

    Kennny76 Member

    I'm going to give a quick update.

    All seems to be okay although I'm still getting a little bit of "burn" on the lower leaves. I slowed down my fans thinking it was wind burn and I think it's getting better.
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