4" Rockwool Cubes and 4x8 coco Mat HELP!!

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    trenton Well-Known Member

    It wierd because I have been flooding once a day and I feel that the plants are looking green as ever except for the leaves sepecially the upper ones look a bit droopy. I am tempted to water every 1.5-2 days but I have never heard of anyone going that long inbetween waterings with hydro. I found my battery and took plenty of pics. I am starting my hydro journal tittled Trenton gone hydro crazy. It will be up in approx 15 minutes. For those of you who have been following my 60 plant grow set up i want to thank you for all the help and I will post more pics tonight for sure. That is now at its 43rd day of flower.

    kingpapawawa Well-Known Member

    while your waiting for the roots to grow out of the RW you wont need to water as much. right now with your brand new clones you can probably get by with 1.5 - 2 days. maybe even longer. once they get to be a few weeks old you will likely get to a few times a day.

    i would flood the table 'as needed' for a week

    wowzerz Well-Known Member

    Rockwool holds alot of water. I have some 4" cubes on top of a thin rockwool mat. they get watered at the most every 3 days, sometimes more. and my other table, is 4"cubes, inside of 6"square pots filled with loose rockwool minicubes. those get watered every 3-4 days as well. just whenever they dry out. it is very easy to overwater rockwool.
    Operation 420

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    Other people don't water every two days because they don't have coco under their cubes. Think of rw like a sponge. It sucks up the moisture from the coco. Droopy leaves means it's probably over watered.
    Good luck.:joint:

    Xan2 Well-Known Member

    I have 81 4x4 RW cubes on a 4x4 table and it get's flooded once every 48-72hrs.

    ThaLowRyder New Member

    Using the same concept. Different grow dimensions but still. Look don’t worry about these people telling you coco works. You wouldn’t have the coco mat if you didn’t already know that. The method you are attempting to use is really quite genius and it can be done in several different ways. You can use Rockwool cubes over coco mat, meshpot with coco or other soil/soilless media over coco mat being the main two I recommend. The one important thing I have to stress to you is that you get you a roll of panda film. Cut the 4x8 for the bottom and lay your mats over it. Then a large enough piece to completely cover the entire system. Enough where it hangs over a little. This will not only keep the roots from drying out. It will also keep light from touching them. Just cut crosses where your plant stems will be growing up. If you’re worried about retaining water. Put the system on a tilt. Where the liquid will be drawn out. If it’s already on a tilt and you still see a problem. Then tilt it more. Also if moisture is a serious issue you can use Pargro Rockwool cubes instead of Grodan. They will dry out faster. They are made by Grodan. So don’t worry about it. They were made for people that like to water/feed more.

    Smok3yMcChok3y Well-Known Member

    Dudes been gone almost a decade....
    SoCal Calyx

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    He did drop some solid advise though;)

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