6x1000w Scrog Grow with Coco Coir Gravity Buckets (open discussion)

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    Everything is going good, I hope, I will be back soon

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    Flower - Round 2 - Started Feb 25
    Projected finish date April 28 (around 62 days)
    Flower Day: 51

    Starting a 2-3 week flush cycle to finish up the girls.

    Ive been gone 11 days on a trip had assistance from a friend to care for the girls. They have been doing my water changes, nutrients and top ups and they did a fantastic job.

    Everything looks great.


    Bud Porn
    1523939544129.jpg 1523939452846.jpg 1523939279861.jpg 1523939221396.jpg 1523939077000.jpg 1523939604732.jpg
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    20180416_200826.jpg 20180416_200914.jpg 20180416_200948.jpg 20180416_203302.jpg 20180416_203311.jpg
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    Everything looks good, it looks like we will have a few good ones
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    Great journal. Love the videos. Thank you for sharing.
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    Screen 1
    5 @ Sensi Star - 2839g wet

    Screen 2
    5 @ Sensi Star - 2611g wet

    Screen 3
    6 @ Original Cheese - 2590g wet

    Screen 4
    1 @ Dela Haze - 455g wet
    2 @ Critical Kush - 1088g wet
    1 @ White Berry - 725g wet

    Screen 5
    1 @ Critical Kush - 362g wet
    1 @ Dela Haze - 430g wet
    4 @ Sensi Star - 1621g wet

    Dry total for all 5 screens was 2690g.

    Avg/Screen 1p 3oz (1.2p)

    2 @ Dela Haze - 201g

    3 @ Critical Kush - 346g

    14 @ Sensi Star - 1402g

    6 @ Original Cheese - 589g

    1 @ White Berry - 152g

    Screen 6 which is Jacky white is almost finished, its a very long flowering sativa with lower Yields.

    Now for Pics
    20180428_104133_1524961071375.jpg 20180428_104142_1525014326484.jpg 20180428_144022_1525014427797.jpg 20180428_170549_1525014576050.jpg 20180428_170618_1525014623670.jpg 20180429_135218_1525046824999.jpg 20180429_144212_1525046888051.jpg 20180429_173538_1525046934779.jpg

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    Good job, now it will just keep getting better
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    Ordered some Orca Grow Film.

    When you first suggested it, i Figured it wasnt going to be much different than the poly i currently use. I haven't installed it into the tent, but just the touch and feel of it is completely different.
    Im a little behind on the down grade to a small 4x8 tent for summer by about 1-2 weeks. The girls are much taller than i want and i still have so much work. Not sure ill get it installed until next take down.
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