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    while ago, under the right set and setting, I took 9.6 mg of lsd. I had ten days or more tolerance break from lsd, not quite the recommended two weeks. Here is my trip report, however, since it's been some time, I feel there are certain lingering effects, life lessons, or behaviors I picked up.

    Firstly, I'd like to say that after almost ten milligrams of lsd, I was back to normal within about five days to a week, but the visuals and body high was gone within a day. It definitely is a stimulant,it seemed like the extra time was just because of not sleeping.


    I got to the house and went inside and started getting ready. I was still psyching myself up trying to make sure I had everything set or close to it. I forgot music or a way to listen (Youtube etc wouldn't work as I have no data and he had no Wifi) I was staying over at a friend's house, which (at the time) he shared with my girlfriend, so it was about to be really isolated. No friends over no interruptions.

    I got a blunt ready and got my acid out. I remember how my muscles normally ache a bit after taking acid so I stretched my arms and legs really well for a few minutes. I always do this but I tried to get a really good stretch on my muscles and tendons.

    Suddenly I saw an angel standing in front of me, and I knew I had to give her some acid too. We hugged and I asked if she wanted to trip as well. She had been drinking but said yes, mentioning that she was trying to cut back on drinking. I gave her 2, and I ended up about to take 64×150μg tabs. We sat down and enjoyed the moment for a while in silence, as I was still really nervous about what I was doing (the last thing I wanted was to freak out uncontrollably and go to the hospital or go outside)

    Our friend came in and we started talking, as he was already tripping pretty hard from his tab, which he had taken while driving me to the spot. I stood up and walked around and looked out the window as a final goodbye to sanity. He is an avid painter and psychedelic user so its easy to imagine bright colorful images and bold designs in his work. I looked around at all of the paintings and felt at peace with everything. I then gobbled my doses and chewed the rapidly dissolving mush of paper and swallowed. I then turned around and sat next to her and held her hand. Almost immediately I felt a strange tingle where our skin touched. I looked at my phone.


    Roughly three, yes three, short minutes later I felt it surging in strength. The walls started dripping and shimmering as if bright lights were about to punch through, most things started glowing pinks and blues and bright purple and green, and I felt a surge of dopamine and other brain goodies being released along with a rush of warm and really strong vibrating energy. We kissed and I rubbed her back for a few minutes trying to do something with the energy inside. I could feel the stress in her body leave wherever I touched and I saw her energy body go through a change, her body got soft looking and bright and began radiating warm energy. The moment I kissed her our bodies melted together and I felt wires growing out of our bodies and connecting us. Sparks shot out of our mouths like iridescent electric paintballs which popped audibly in the air and hung frozen all around the room. It was a weird sensation to kiss someone you could not see physically but only feel and sense.

    It was like I was seeing her with many other senses but not normal ones. I could see me through her eyes, her through mine, us from the ceiling, us from the couch... Our bodies slowly melted back but instead of bodies it was like a green circuit board with the gold wires still attached. They were also glowing very brightly, like a sun wrapped in golden circuits. My male friend grew a big gold patch on one side of his face and others on his hands and arms. He too began to glow. We all became two dimensional like a side scrolling video game made out of computer pieces and light. Everything in front of me got far away. She was in my eft, and he was left of her... But wait he was on my right and she was right of him! As I turned my head it got closer to me or closer to my body. They was having a conversation It was hard to interact with anything other than her, so I just melted into her while watching Clint Eastwood (a painting BEHIND ME) come to life and float around on circuits of light.

    It didn't matter if my eyes were open or closed I still had complete vision, and I have terrible eyesight without my glasses (right before heading out, I broke part of my glasses, and decided not to wear them for the trip, due to the annoyance and possibly breaking them worse). I was able to see very clearly things on the opposite side of the room, I would say that my vision was as good or better than usual. Except of course the melty drippy technicolor explosion and bursts of sunlight inside (also sporadic patches of pitch black)

    Everything that was in front of me began to fold into other things. They also started to turn green and black and other earth tones. I saw holes burning into things, however when I turned my head the holed were still there. It was like putting out cigarettes on a newspaper and watching them burn. Except there was just darkness in the holes.

    He incorporated a golden ratio spiral into some hair on a really psychedelic Jesus, and at this point the spiral shot out and spun around the room creating several obstacles which I would have to walk around later.

    Time wasnt flowing like normally. I experienced something weird and hard to describe. It was like looking at hundreds of movie reels at the same time each of them overlapping all of them showing something different (most of them very similar but slight changes say im wearing a blue shirt in one and a red shirt in the other) except that I would see each individual movie reel, like reading a book with each page being page 1 of a different story and then book 2 being page 2 of the same consecutive stories. And by reading (time passing) I would rotate my field of vision (which was no longer on the couch with her but more of in the center of the room (to the right of him) meaning I saw all three of us from a roomcentric location and everything was spinning (slowly not out of control) giving me time to focus. Each second that would happen dozens of times and there would always be holes burned in each layer and I could see other layers underneath. At this point things began to get weird.

    Yes I said began to get weird.

    Three or four or perhaps a dozen or more things popped into the room and bubbles began forming on things as well as colored boxes and shapes. It was like watching Harry Potter apparate into my room, except instead of Harry Potter, it was weird fuzzy or plaid things that looked like they were made of felt or courdory. These things would flip, on a horizontal axis in a positive to negative space. They would either flip and leave a depression or flip and change color. It was very hard for me to pay attention to any conversation and I think I just stopped talking or trying to interact with anyone and held her and stared at the wall.

    At some point they went upstairs to trip (I distinctly remember her telling me she was going to lie down because she was tripping incredibly hard, and me being basically catatonic and not responding, however while it was happening, I "remember" being alert and saying stuff like no don't go stay here, basically I imagined myself reacting, instead of actually doing anything) and leaving me downstairs. I remember him telling me he was going, and here is a blanket and I remember her kissing me goodnight, I thought "we" kissed goodnight, but remember, I really wasn't doing anything no matter how hard I thought I was.

    The next thing I knew I was all alone, except for these creatures and things I pulled from my unconscious. Im not sure how much time had passed. What I remember was the bubbles and flippy stuff happening and then several animals in the house, a bunch of yarn string looking stuff, was basically like walking through nonexistent cobwebs. It looked very similar to diagrams of what our universe looks like. It was red and blue mainly. There were transformer looking entities, a giant plaid bag looking thing some crystals some birds a mouse and hamster just all sorts of things running flying oozing and crawling around me. These i take it represented some of my friends and people and perhaps part of my subconscious becoming animate. I say that because I have a couple friends I know whose internet tag is some of the animals and other stuff I saw. I slowly crept around looking for my friends and following the string yarn looking stuff. I had a blanket so I wouldn't be cold but I had nothing to do so I was being bombarded with visuals.

    It had been snowing inside the whole time.
    When I looked at a light I saw halos of black and light and black and light...
    There were colors you couldn't imagine inside and they were flipping and morphing and melting
    There were no less than 50 different people things whathaveyou following me. The overall color of everything was flipping and changing too. Nothing was staying the same color, and it had been going on like that for at least three hours if not longer.

    Most of the visuals would happen and then stay there (computer chips and paintballs swirls and random colors)
    There were big gaping holes in everything with blackness underneath. So some of the things I mentioned really early in this trip report, we're still hanging around with me. Clint Eastwood was still floating in the middle of the room, the golden ratio spiral was still in my way, the fireworks, still hanging around in midair, flickering and shining brightly.

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    Somehow my visuals changed again and everything folded in on itself, im not sure how to explain it Ive seen it before but this was more. It reminded me of a dmt or ayahuasca peak, but extended for at least half an hour, if not longer. Just so much more it was like everything was going flat but to a single one dimensional dot of existence flatness. Like if you take a pop up book and fold everything flat and then fold it again and again and again... I didn't have a visible body to see where I was and the whole room was sliding and melting away from me like if I walked to the wall I would never make it because the wall would slide away from me. But id run into things because I couldn't see them or myself at all. I lay down on the floor waiting hoping wanting for it to calm down but it was getting worse. Im not sure how long it had been, but it felt like days in the complete silence and darkness (I turned the lights on and off but I couldn't see the light anymore it looked like shadows)

    Words made no sense nothing really made sense anymore. I was like a child flashing in and out of TV channels each channel being a different life different story and all of them constantly cycling through.

    How did I get like this? How long has it been? (At this point maybe 3 hours)

    I tried very hard to remember real things. I remembered that I had been with someone and we were talking and she was warm soothing comfort. I could not remember her name her face, anything like that. I started trying to call out to see if anyone was there and also because I panicked because it was so quiet. It was hard to stay focused on anything, I was feeling so one with everything, that I swear I could feel the planet rotating and see the stars from inside. The thought of words, of labeling things became confusing to me.

    Like, if you are looking at a table, it has a top, four legs (usually) and you put stuff on it. Well, what is a top? What's a leg? What is a four? Stuff? The word "rainbow" describes it's color, but what now is a rainbow? This is the first time in my entire life that I have encountered thing new thing called "table" and it makes no sense. This "table" shared all the same experiences, emotions, sensations as me, so how is the table a table and not a Mike? I started saying help me but I didn't know what me was. Halfway through that I started saying my girl's name over and over really fast. I was trying hard to remember what a Sam was and why it meant so much to me. My friend came down and got me a glass of water but I didn't know what it was or how it was floating in the air sparking electricity and rainbows everywhere. He said "I have to help you and I have to help Sam so be easy on me!" when he said help Sam, it was like a switch clicked in my head. I saw a fountain of sparks flowing beside him and a beautiful image of her spirit body appeared in front of me. I was panicked and really scared and this image leaned to me gave me a hug and said its ok you are ok. When that happened I immediately calmed down. I have to be strong for Sam I can't let her see me like this or feel my fear. She constantly comments on how cool and calm I am always and here I am being the opposite.

    When my male friend was there all the people came back (when did they leave? I don't remember at all!). Then he left and I panicked again. He came back and I decided to try to throw up to see if I would calm down. It was very hard for me because I was having a very strange sensation like I was a black hole. I was the singularity and everything I was seeing was a part of me. I had to sense what things looked like by using my sense of sound and touch not my sight. My vision went entirely blank and I saw a giant purple blue and white pulsating crystal orb thing. It was like it was pulsating because it was gaining information or knowledge from its surroundings and feeding the same thing back.

    I had my friend help me get to the bathroom (my feet, the floor, the walls, we are all made up of the same stuff, so how was I to know or understand that movement, walls, barriers exist?) and I threw up a couple times. It felt like there was something inside of me that was just blocked and didn't want to leave. He asked if he should call paramedics.

    No of course not. But it was not that easy to convince someone of that. So let me be clearer to you guys. I would not recommend this or even 1/10th this dose to someone. I knew that in my body (which was not even a thing at the time) I was ok. My heart rate was maybe 100-110 at the most. My body itself was ok just my head was having way too much. He got kind of scared and put his hands over me. Around my stomach and side. He didn't touch me just hovered his hands over my about 4-6 inches away. When he did that I felt a surge of energy leave my body and within 3 seconds I calmed down. It was so weird. Im not sure he noticed he did anything. Immediately after that I was still tripping incredibly hard but super calm I just went and lay down.

    After I lay down I felt really calm and peaceful and saw everything return but not with as much strange ferocity as before. I saw the strings come back and played with them. Basically by doing yoga and focusing on my energy I could enter and manipulate the strings. I guess it would be kind of like a location I have seen represented by strings. Like I could enter a string and be in my house at a certain point in time. Very similar to the black hole scene in interstellar, except that I didn't see what was inside the string till I entered it.

    Towards morning I noticed that my tendons were really sore and I also had no balance to do any yoga or stretches when a few hours ago I did. I stretched as best as I could and remembered finally I had some music on my phone which I played and lay down.

    My girlfriend's daughter came down and I met her for the first time and she was melting like an ice cream cone. She looks like her mom though and was very nice to me. I was really nervous because I was tripping and didn't want to act weird but I pulled it off well. I was really focused on stuff like that and and even though the world was melting and bubbling I was very focused. She came downstairs finally and we cuddled for a bit which felt wonderful and calming. She laid on top of me and I instantly fell asleep. She kept remarking on how calm and collected I seemed to be.

    I don't want to sound too cliché but we connected deeply without much thought or physical connectivity it was really nonverbal communication and energy level connection. Her daughter was really into me and asked me a lot of questions and gave me lots of hugs. My friend said she doesn't normally act that way but could feel I was different (when they came downstairs in the morning I overheard the girl ask if I was magic and that made me laugh inside)

    All in all it was a frightfully positive experience terrifyingly complete. I don't want to do acid again for a very very long time if ever. I feel deeply connected to my friend and hopefully I am getting connected with her family there were lots of happy loving vibes and when we were together I didn't feel like we were two separate things just one consciousness. We read each others minds a few times. She is getting better at it now. I feel I might not be able to keep a secret!

    I got home about 6 pm (about 18 hours since I dosed) and everything was still really melty so my roommate took me to Walmart where we did a ton of much needed shopping while I calmed down the rest of my trip. Eating dinner was amazing so delicious.

    I ended up not sleeping for two whole days. For some reason I just didn't have to sleep. Also for about two days I didn't go to the bathroom it was harder than it should have been, but then two or three days after that was too easy to go to the bathroom! After about 3-4 days from the trip I finally felt like I had completely or almost completely returned to normal. Things were not visually weird or tripping out but when I would close my eyes it would seem as if I was getting some major cev of blobs of purple green and blue all morphing.


    So what has changed? Well now when I eat or drink certain foods it feels like I'm poisoning myself. If I drink any soda for instance, it just feels like I made the wrong choice, like I should have gotten water instead. Certain foods especially meat like pork or steak sometimes, feels like my body is saying no don't eat that!

    Now if I smoke some weed, even a bowl, I start to feel like I'm going back. But it's a different feeling, it seems I guess as if part of me has never left, and it's just me remembering. Like if I see strings, I remember stuff about when I saw strings in the trip and what they represented.

    If I trip, a low dose gets me floored sometimes. I've taken 200 ug as the highest dose since then. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I seem to get more visuals now, especially more than my girlfriend and on the same substance, sometimes she takes more than me, and I still get more color more visuals, more life in my trip.

    It was a couple months after the trip that I finally took lsd again, and since then it's been nothing but one tab (once I took two) I started doing mescaline and ayahuasca. Aya was my favorite, but since the trip she hasn't spoken to me, it feels like she was mad at me or waiting for me for something.

    Sometimes, I find myself in a new place, and it feels so familiar, like I've most definitely been here at this time before. Like if you watch a movie every Saturday, and suddenly the characters are aware and knowing that every Saturday, they will have to repeat the same actions as last week.

    I'm going to add more, I've had some people asking me about it. Anything you want me to address? Let me know

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing. I really found the part about certain food feeling like poison is interesting. Lsd used to tell me messages about my health. As I have cleaned up my diet this has stopped. I no longer feel muscle tension or any negative physical effect from L. In fact the day after I usually feel amazing.
    I was surprised you ate that much paper. I thought you would have had raw or liquid with that size dose. I am also surprised you did not have the "dying" experience on that much L. It sound pretty amazing.
    I will be meeting miss aya on new years, I hope she is ok with my love for L. Really cleaning up my dieta leading up to it. Really curious about what she has to show and how my relationship with other psychedelics will be after. I have read to expect them to be more powerful at lower doses.

    Im looking foward to reading more.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    I am pondering if it is about time to drop some lucy.

    Through examination and scanning through this thread,
    I am quite a flutter to go this far.

    WildCard008 Active Member

    damn.. is that what really happens if you take that much L$D?

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Ta @mikek420 ; alluring report, isn't it?

    My arse would fancy an experience lik this.
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    Can't imagine, after I did a 2.5mg trip L wasn't the same for me. I get visuals, but my headspace feels normal. Just stimulation and lots of pretty colors. I also get more visuals than others on the same dose. I don't trip anymore, and while I grow weed, I barely smoke it.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Sounds like You got the bunkies.

    @mikek420 was speaking about how he would hallucinate frogs and waterfalls in his own living room. On what was it again, mate? 2.5 milligrams?

    Gone... Completely gone. I can't understand how anyone could have a centered head on that much LSD... You say, @tywashere, that "headspace feels normal".

    Gotta catch a whiff of four hits of Wow, bruv. Then let's talk.

    tywashere Well-Known Member

    I didn't say that 2.5mg had a negligible headspace, I said the headspace L gives me now is markedly different after having such an intense experience. Like this guy, I was doing a few tabs a week for a long time, I would take break s but I was rather enamored with the substance.
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    That's great.

    I wish more people would accept that head space instead of speaking to You.

    tywashere Well-Known Member

    Man, so quick to try and discredit the experiences of others. Why are you lashing out at randos on a forum? Whatever the source of your pain may be, I hope you're able to heal.
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Most experiences these days are ill reported and extremely lazy.

    Hard to read through the bullocks, do You know what I mean, mate?
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    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    You may want to consider the possibility that you do not understand what he's saying. Many people have found they reached a point with psychedelics, a peak so to speak, where afterwards they do not enjoy the same experience as they had before. For me it was almost as if the substance was telling me its time to hang it up for a while. I've met several people who had the same experience. All of us agree that we're not proclaiming to never partake again, but for now its time to live life without.
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    Splaap Well-Known Member

    First acid trip was in 1971. Last in about 1976. Six or eight in total.
    No need to do it again. It wasn't an entirely positive experience any
    time. A couple of them were decidedly unpleasant. After I found mescaline
    and peyote I wished that I had never tried acid. I am a very occasional
    user of psychedelics and prefer peyote in a particular setting. Different
    strokes for different folks but I never recommend LSD, if I am asked.
    I know a lot of people that feel this way too. There are other, milder
    botanicals that I find worthwhile for my personal use but I make no claims
    and leave each to their own path.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Pardon Meself,

    It seemed @tywashere explaining that He can handle a 2.5 milligram on LSD headspace.
    "Let Us enjoy the pretty colors on 15 dropplets of L, shall We"? What a preposterous, silly mate.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Peyote idnt not much around, these parts...
    Quite of mescaline cut E pills. Those babies are waggishly fun.

    LSD has gone to every mouth 'round, it is a revelation especially in Europe.
    Not to mention the mushies, tasty truffles.

    tywashere Well-Known Member

    Every experience I had with L (more than I can recount or recall) was beautiful and I regret none of it. I think you articulated it perfectly. I'd like to trip on L again some day, if life permits. but for the time being psychedelics don't have a place in my life. Perhaps a low dose of mushroom tea in the spring once this oppressive winter has lifted
    I said no such thing, I didn't even describe my experience to you. All I said was that after taking a massive dose of L (far less than the OP claims to have taken) it changed the way I experience the drug. It's not my thread and personally recounting a 16+ hour trip would be abit much.

    gwheels Well-Known Member

    Geeze that is intense. I remember doing acid when i was a young man but i stopped at around 25 because the acid hangover hurt more than beer did then. Now it all hurts D:

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    "When You trip on Lucy, You trip for life."

    Oh... "acid hangover"... Furthermore never heard such a thing.

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