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    I've been seeing alot of threads on How do I place an order?
    Do I use my Real Name?
    Who should I ship to and can I use a fake address:wall:?

    Well by demand I'll throw out a good method.(For use with US and other contraband Countries)

    First you need to find a reputable Seedbank.. This ? is asked too much but is one I'm always happy to answer.

    I'll throw out some one's for ya'll to go look at. I've never had problems with these sites. But still look around and judge for yourself on the following.

    The Attitude Cannabis Seeds Marijuana Seeds

    Next is whatever seedbank you choose set a limit on how much to spend per order. Mines never goes over 150 in one order, I had to spilt my recent order up. Doesn't tho matter 20 free more seeds for me.

    Remember all the seedbanks are out of the country and might and could just take $ and say fuck it.
    Hence I warn big orders from any seedbank is risky business.


    Cash and Money orders not on my top list to be ordering seeds. Now money orders can be traced when done right etc.
    You really cant do shit if the seedbank says "oh we didn't receive payment" and you just out back.

    Now debit and credit cards are another story.. The merchant gets paid within the hour no problem, and can't say oh we didnt get it:finger:.
    This is probably the fastest way of paying for seeds.
    Don't think for a second that the charge will say "Mj Purchase" the merchants use a code named merchant kinda like porn:-P.
    Please don't feel scared to use a card to pay for them.
    I don't know why the AM Ex cards aren't working overseas now, but if you like to take precautions then just get the prepaid visa but make sure it can be used outside the States.
    Now if you decide to spent like $300+ on one order be careful please real talk.

    You have a couple options on this;
    One you can use your real name..
    Do I? No I use a good ole normal name like James Bank etc. I just dont like shit like that coming in my name.
    Please don't go crazy and use some crazy name... Use something like the HS jocks name or some teller at the banks name. A common name.

    Now if you have the option of shipping to a friends house do so if you want to be on the extra safe side. I have and had no problems yet:).

    Don't order like 80 seeds in one order break it down like 20 per order.
    Less chance of losing more $ if seized. I know you want to stock up and might not have to order for a while..
    Yea shipping might be more but isnt that something you are willing to pay for a better chance of getting them?

    Now I've been hearing alot of can I ship to my neighbors? My answer is NO.
    If the neighbor saw you in their mail thats a felony all they have to say is you opened their mail.
    Dont be scared to ship to ya crib.

    Shipping Times;

    The seedbanks I order from say about 7-30days or so to the States.
    I hear this 3day to the west coast, but never seen it.
    The quickest I've ever gotten seeds in Michigan and Georgia is 6days min, but 7-8 is more like it for me.
    The latest I had a seed order come was a lil over a month but came:) so I was happy. Heated but glad they came.
    So if you US start looking for the package about 3-5 days after it ships but expect about 7 if no problems arise.
    This is the hardest part if impatient.

    All out of country items through the post go thru customs...
    Now there is a chance your order might be opened.. or just passed right along:).
    I had recently had my WW from the doc opened and wasn't seized keet moving. Only ten seeds. Customs never even touched the seed because the way it was packaged it was undisturbed the breeder pack was bent tho. So now do you want to have your order opened with 50seeds or 10 seeds?

    If seized you get a letter from customs saying that a package mailed to you had contraband in it and if you wanted them back come get them or will be destroyed.
    Like the seeds, destroy the letter and keep it moving.
    If you never see a letter then theres hope but after a certain time either the package was lost(which happens) or never sent at all.

    Now the repercussions of ordering seeds is noting... unless you ordered like 200seeds which I doubt you will do anyway right?.
    People on here said Homeland came to their house over some seeds, doubt it. They got better shit to do.

    I've personally never had my seeds lost or seized so its a good sign that small orders are best;)

    Next thing after ordering in my opinion is to spark up a Blunt/Bowl/Bong/Can w/e your smoking tool is and get high as a bitch to take your mind off of it.
    You can't worry.. That will kill you.

    Hope this helps you Dk and others who ask this ? alot.
    So be easy and spark that blunt and dont worry, spark it for Mane:weed:



    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Here's what the customs letter says

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    DKskater75 Well-Known Member

    Very nicely done. rep+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Bank reviews on the the Banks I listed....


    I've placed many orders from them in the past 3 years, gotten every single one of them:).

    Recently they got hacked by some pussy that used a very similar URL and got some nice cake off trying to be them. They said he got good info from thier servers.

    I dont know the whole story just glad that I ordered before this happened or was noticed.

    Now don't get me wrong I've seen some success stories since the hack and Am thinking of placing some orders for friends but we'll see.

    The latest shipping time that it took for me to get my seeds was a lil over a month.
    This was one time and the rest came in a week sometimes 12days TOPS.

    Great seedbank just do your research and decide for yourself dont just take Mane's word for it.

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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Next is the hottest thing right now since the dutch:bigjoint:
    The Attitude Cannabis Seeds Marijuana Seeds

    Now I haven't placed many orders with them, but am 2for2 and hoping for a 3fo3 in about a week.

    Like the first line said Attiude doin the damn thing right now, no seizures no waiting periods no BULLSHIT basically.

    They got the 420 code that lets off 10% which is basically canceling out the shippin:D

    Both orders came in 7-8days no problem great stealth.

    First bank I've seen offer tracking...
    But know that it stops in NY so don't worry when you see that.

    I just hit them up for 10Big Bang seeds from GH.

    Great customer service I hear I never had to contact them I just wait and get my seeds no prob.
    You can even call them up and speak to someone.

    They have a teeshirt option that you get a teeshirt and better chance of getting seeds.


    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Buy Marijuana Seeds and cannabis seeds from Holland - high quality marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds)

    Heres another fav of me.

    I personally like this seedbank for getting exotic strains.
    Only thing is the shipping that gets me, I think they charge so much cause they give out free seeds.

    Stealth is good 7/10.
    Never had to email them about where my seeds got here in a week.. and my recent order just shipped. 40extra seeds coming my way:bigjoint:

    Great seed selections a lil pricey but is made right back;).

    Never seen a hate thread from them either:)

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    mattaiyan Active Member

    well done, smokin one for ya right now!!!!!!:bigjoint:
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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices
    Another favorite

    Good seeds for the low:mrgreen:.
    I like this bank they always toss 5free seeds with every order.
    Have placed many orders with them no problems,
    I emailed them once about how fast it would take and got a reply back in the morning.
    They email you what the seeds are in kinda weird but i guess pple aren't looking for the seeds:dunce:.

    Stealth 7/10

    Proly the best thing about them to me is the super strain seed package 3 white strains for 100 along with the 5free seeds(always changing:D).

    People sayin that you have to go to the post office or some shit..
    I dont know what thats all about.

    I think they just missing the mailman when he comes and get a peach colored card. Saying that a package was being sent and you need to sign for it.
    When i missed the mailman a couple times with them and Nirvana when my screen door is locked and mailman cant put mail in the slot he leaves that card.
    And I just signed the fake name that i used for the order.


    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    good look:bigjoint:

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Well here it goes:idea:
    Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank

    Not gonna get at him.

    Overall in getting my seeds to me Doc is fine but I haven't placed an order since late end of July.

    Took 7 days to get to me no problems except it was opened but still came through.

    I do advise everyone to read about him though.

    Big orders aren't a fad with him right now.
    Haven't seen problems with small orders.

    My advice if ordered from him right now is to use CC and just hope.

    Stealth was good tho, I cant even lie
    10/10 straight up cause I never would have guessed the seeds would be in there.
    Almost was mad as fuck cause green tape, breeder pack bent, but seeds well hidden.
    Too me a good min to get them out the package too.

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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Not so popular but my first order was a great one:D
    Ministry of Cannabis - Cannabis Seeds

    They have some good strains small selection but a decent one.
    Had strains I never heard of so you know I had to check them out.

    Came through no problems.
    I did email them too asking to make sure it was sent stealth and homeboy emailed me back the next day saying that they would be:)
    (ordered late at night shipped next day:D)

    Took 7days great stealth kinda funny looking package but couldn't complain.

    Now they are shipping registered now but you just have to sign for them.


    FirstTimeGrowGuy Well-Known Member

    +rep all tha way. :clap:kiss-ass

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    good look bra:)

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Also If you feel you been duked(scammed) and that the bank never even sent your order..
    You can do what is called a chargeback with your CC, this is done alot wit Ebay and scammers who send fake packages and try to get over the dispute by providing tracking.

    A chargeback is when the bang puts heat on the merchant that they will take back the funds if purchase aint sent.

    Now NO WORRIES tho ya bank will never know about the ordering of the seeds at all.
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    Damn you doin a review on every site too? Good shit. :clap: :bigjoint:

    FirstTimeGrowGuy Well-Known Member

    i plan w goin w attitude an from what ive heard 100% approval w them right?:-o

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Yea SO many of the same ?'s maybe this will cut it down a lil:bigjoint:

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    I havent seen one bad thing about the Attitude..
    no I'm waiting on my seeds
    i aint get my shit
    no nothing right now.
    they hot as fuck right now A US haven

    DKskater75 Well-Known Member

    Indeed it should. Someone should sticky this. How long you been waiting on your seeds from attitude? I ordered some like a week ago.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Sticky? whats that
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