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Both of these experiences start with dispencary weed. I wondered at first if iit was a poor flush or something. Still, no idea. I am glad however, to know now that she isn't just bat-shit crazy.
If you're talking about state grown dispensary grown buds, then hell I am not surprised that it doesn't give more people headaches and shit.. Those state licensed growers use every legal PGR they can legally use. PGR'S they use are mostly if not all chemically Based. It no secret. That's why recreational weed Always has a similar taste and texture..


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Has any one grown his chocolate chunk x heavy duty fruity I just popped a couple was wondering if anyone had any reports thanks
I was able to get that freebie with my first purchase of AKBB. Prob wont pop that for years tbo. I second the report tho.

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Hey everyone. Speaking of interesting freebies, I just popped 8 of AK's Purple NL x Neville's Haze. 7 of 8 popped, one was severely stunted, but I have 6 healthy plants running. They are around 4 weeks. I'll let you all know how they turn out with some photos once things get interesting.