AK Bean Brains


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Can anyone help me. I’m pretty sure I remember ak having straight purple Hindu Kush bx seeds. Can’t seem to find them anywhere. Even on his mailing master list. Thanks


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One of my consumption plants is over a foot tall like i think 16 days from sprout. I'm planning on getting rid of it. Or are the super vigorous ones super keeper? I'm assuming I'm not going to be able to manage it's size...16381096528164728622291458496262.jpg


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currently have two of the 3 way going. One was a mutant but I’m still growing it out. It stinks like skunk a couple weeks into veg. The bigger/normal one has no smell but nice uniform growth
I never cull runts either. Let them roll till they die on their own. I have one plant left in my veg tent that was a super runt and had to be propped up on pots to get light when it was full. Now all by itself it has begun to chunk up and smells awesome. Nut Butter #4 smells the best of that strain and is the last of the grow while renovations are underway. Most people prob would have tossed it.


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I joined this forum just so I could post in this thread lol. I've got his Consumption, TKNL5 Haze F3 Haze Dom, Blue Meanie, Romulan BX4, and I got PHK/Durban, Kali Mist/A1, Mother of Berries and Americanna as freebies. I can't decide which ones to pop first. About to flip a run of Dosidos clones soon and then I'll be ready for AKBB to take over the tent. So far everything I've seen here looks great and I'm pretty excited to grow some out, particularly the Kali, MoB, and the TKNL5 Haze dom. I'm really hoping some FPOG effects will come out in that Mother of Berries. I had some unforgettable FPOG in Denver around 2016 or so.