Alex Grey - Ganesha / Shiva Blotter Artwork LSD

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    Yo man, they are bunk. I registered on this today just because I saw this. My friend and I bought those the second night and didn't feel a thing. The next night however, we found the Grey's and were in heaven. We also had the same guy have the same Alex's and pindot Kesey's at the electric forest which was just ridiculous in the amount of head stash L that was going around btw. I believe each Grey is 180, but I'm not really sure, you can never be unless you talk to the dropper. But def more than just your average. Hope this was insightful I guess I'll be around from now on.

    Love Is The Law

    Love Is The Law Member

    They were indeed the ones pictured above, blue with b&w Ganeshas on the back.

    Now I'm going through a bit of a painful phase because I decided to sort out some stuff once I'd finished tripping, and I've been opening all those letters from solicitors, debt collectors, the bank wanting to close my account etc. – not sure who said that acid puts you out of touch with reality, as life seems more real than it's ever been before! ;-)

    NirvAnamation Well-Known Member

    I had 170ug needle point for a long time, it was good shit. I got some of the Shiva just today in fact! Looking forward to trying it ~.~

    brett11253 Member

    Im so jealous of all of you

    CheesePlease419 Member

    Hey bro, i completely agree, I had to miss waka this year (new job, 2 legit 2 quit), but I am def making harvest again. Mulberry's so amazing, ya know the whole mountain is on top of shit tons of quartz..magical place..and the family vibe and good peoples during harvest are unmatched..the crowd is even better i would venture to say than waka, just b/c you miss out on all the younger somewhat immature raver kids that sometimes show up (not hating, just the nature of festival crowds). I think its the fact that its all bluegrass..its the only fest that if i had a kid i would bring him/her to. good vibes, good folks, good music, good beer..what more can ya ask for? and also the VIP is totally worth was only $150 more and i got free food, free boulevard beer and front row all weekend...yonder rages. : ) see ya there brotha.
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i find this post FULL of positivity and factual information.

    i have been to MANY shows, raves and events and this was THE FIRST TIME I always had access to FREE WATER AT ALL TIMES!!!!

    i have never felt so much love.
    so much peace.
    of course there were some fuckers out there but that is expected.

    wakarusa music festival is THE closest way to get in touch to our "woodstock" side.
    waka is like woodstock

    a very pure experience with a psychedelic explosion of peace, connection, love, happiness, and celebration.

    many lives are changed each year at wakarusa...
    anyone and everyone should attend this festival.
    Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish Well-Known Member

    Dude ... I have a feeling that I might be missing out on a GOOD thing.
    In perspective ... of unfolding things ... taking into consideration MY current state.
    I am seriously considering tagging along next year.


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i think I will be purchasing tickets for Harvest music festival this weekend!!!!!

    I shall see there!!!!

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    YOU MUST!!

    tag along with us to Harvest!!!!


    WE'D LOVE for YOU to join US

    doesnt matter what state you are in.
    this experience CANNOT beat anything.
    specially if you roll with the right people.
    Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish Well-Known Member

    Brother ... I do not even live in your country !
    If YOU speak of those states ...
    But I can use my Portal to get there ... :mrgreen:


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    how strange....
    i put that portal background as my desktop background YESTERDAY from the Needle Me This Eeye Candy thread.


    but i know you can use YOUR portal to jump from place to place....yes you live in a different country but
    that dont mean shit!!!

    Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish Well-Known Member

    Q nothing is coincidental with YOU and I as variables in THIS algorithm called life ...

    I am surprised U still use the word 'strange' ... in reference to things I post =)
    Just wait till the second act !


    What means quite a bit ... is the fact that some of my cancer meds have to be kept on ice 24/7 ...
    Traveling in such state per having to a carry 'mini' portable fridge on MY BATMAN belt ... is tedious !

    Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee Active Member

    I know I put it in my slideshow too!!

    Sorry I haven't been following closely to have an opinion on anything said here.
    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps Well-Known Member

    Seems like these and Needlepoint have been really popular lately... Wonder what the deal is... Hope it stays like this forever. Although chances are if you can stock up on good dose you might as well so your set for the next 4-5 years atleast...

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i came across some amber liquid.

    i wish I could find some Needlepoint.

    its been pretty dry in my parts since a buddy got busted with a few grams of crystal LSD.

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    So...Its going to be so fuckin on at Harvest this year...Lets all meet up this year and compare our research!! That way we will all make sure to have ONLY the best festival Wheaties on site!!!!

    I'm going to set it off right with YMSB and Panic off of Beale Street in Memphis on the the first of October...Yonder Mnt Harvest Fest the 3rd wk and then Pretty Lights and BIG G the Saturday night of HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!!!!

    mescalinebandit420 Well-Known Member

    its a little soon to be trying to meet to with members bro. no offense but your barely at 25 post and you havent earned or lost and trusr yet. its a golden road to devotion man.

    FamilyFarmer Member

    Anyway...Ill be alright with the my "family" at these events...thats the beauty of these gatherings. The people you spend the four days with, sharing and celebrating, will grow each year with attending.

    I dont recall asking for any favors or offering any either. Just a friendly gesture and hospitality for attending these wonderful gatherings in my home state.

    And by the way...theres a reason my "Post Count" is not high...I have a serious job and loving family to raise and provide for. I do enjoy learning and reading the may discussions taking place on these forums. But I also loath some of the immature nonsense that some members chide in with. And I feel only the need to respond to threads I feel meaningful and, or when I need help with project I am involved with. But anyways...No Worries....

    mescalinebandit420 Well-Known Member

    i understand man. i meant no offense by it, just rapping.
    Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee Active Member

    You should go to a book store and get an alex grey book.

    Or torrent.

    Or buy some blotter from ebay. ;)

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