Alien Banana *Rock* Candy // from seed to finish


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Sup! Haven't updated the grow till now but since she's coming down tomorrow I thought might as well put up a couple snaps of the timeline. Appreciate everybody for stopping in & helping along the way as I'll be posting more during dry, cure, & of course the final product.

Before I moved the whole space downstairs I had them in a 2 x 4 and since changing the set up life's been a little easier. Managing the heat was always the issue for dwc in spring/summer so finally got rid of the aquariums down there and made room for the ladies.

In the space now I have 4 in a small 2 x 2 for veg which are moving into the 4 x 4 on Saturday as soon as the Alien Banana Candy space is ready. Actually there 7 if you count 3 seedlings on top of the reservoir on the plant in the top right corner.


So I guess starting from the beginning..started with 3 and finished with 1. The Blue Apricot (L) ended up being a male & never had much luck w/ Member Berry (M) in dwc as she kept getting nutrient lock every time every time I tried working w/ her. I ran my last bean with her in the new rotation & want to just take some cuts from her as she never kept up with the rest but we'll see. Now lastly on the right is the Alien Banana Candy (Alien Rock Candy x Chiquita Banana) by The Cube, 1st run with her and from start to finish was fun to work with. Eats like a beast, grew thick like ARC + heavy scent of ripe banana terps less the OG during flower.


In this pic you'll see the temp was 81 and that was when I decided to take them downstairs since I was getting ready to add more lights. The temp usually doesnt go above 75 but the weather swings and just other conditions made it tough to manage and I lost too many early in the game & really just lucky I didn't lose these.

Now a little later after moving downstairs just the Banana Rock Candy & Blue Apricot made it in the 2 x 4. You'll see her on the left & Blue Apricot on the right looking happy with more room for themselves. I didn't recognize the seed sacks on the BA till flipping so at the end of the day just the BRC was the last lady standing. I wish I took some cuts before flower though still have pretty much a full pack so we'll come back to her again definitely in the works to come.


Her first solo shot in flower -


Now with the netting, ended up keeping her low and sideways.


By this time I took off the outside tent material and just keeping the skeletons of the tent. Temps are now always between 69 - 71 and by winter they'll be even cooler allowing me to get the 3rd tent up (4x4) just for the winter grows with the new MARS HYDRO SP250!! ..then come spring back down to the 2. Pretty excited about using the Mars light as I've had it for about a 3 weeks now and didn't want to switch lights mid-flower.

Back to the since she really had some nice vertical growth I decided to bush her down sideways and just focus on getting more bud spots to pop. Here she is before the second net arrangement..



Now after a lot of lollipop and a little time to fill out her space, she looks bare on her low half but the nugs are coming in pretty top heavy on the canopy.



I've got a few more pics I'll post w/o the blurple I already have and some new shots to come for tomorrow's photoshoot/chop down. Right now humidity is at 45 and just thinking if I should keep her in the open room w/ a swamp cooler or put her in the 2x2 for drying. Currently at 175ppm after a 3 week flush finally tomorrow this one's a wrap. I usually flush 3 weeks after working w/ my last sunset sherbert that turned out A+ but I lost a week with this one since the 1st flush week ppm's were above 500 so just decided to start the 3weeks from'll be well worth it since I'm keeping her for flower and not for press.

As soon as I get some good shots of the dry area I'll post new pics of some flowers and all that good stuff up close. Thanks again all for stopping by!
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A few photos before going in the 2 x 2 for dry time. No swamp cooler needed temps & humidity sitting nicely in there.


And just moved everyone in the 2 x 4 // Alien Rock Candy on the left, Jungle Apples in the middle, & Blue Apricot on the right end. Keeping the seedlings posted up in here for a few days till the Alien Banana Candy is done drying and will transplant them in their own reservoirs. Seedling on the left MAC Stomper, Crescendo in the middle, & Runtz on the right.

Member Berry in the lower left corner didn't even make the tent, suffered from a lot of nute lock and if any new growth comes through with no attention to her will definitely get at least a few cuts out of her.


I'll post up a few more pics during the dry in another day or so.. also give some time for the new 2 x 4 to fill in before the flip maybe 2 weeks or 3 at most. Wanna keep these really low this time around.


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Stayed up way too late yesterday finishing up the trim, 6+ hours or so geeez feeling spent!
Looking hella dank though bag appeal looking nice in the jars..


I'll post some more pics on her along the way & keep you guys updated on the flavor profile as soon as she's ready. Got to burn a little finger hash last night and can only expect that ARC'ish deep OG on sour gas with sweet tart terps on your pallette from the Chiquita Banana, all heavy.


Thanks again for stopping in, I'll start the new thread soon on the current rotation as soon as I get some more pics in.