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    Joseph Challita

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    Hey everyone :bigjoint:

    I think I have a problem, these babies are almost 3 weeks old, But I feel like they are a little underdeveloped for their age? The stems are long but way too thin right? Feel like they can barely hold their own weight without some support.. :confused:

    Could this be from not enough heat? I'm growing them outdoors, I know now is not the best time for it specially in the netherlands but thought I'd go for it with 3 seeds.

    They are definitely growing by the day, but maybe not to their fullest potential. Will this have a negative effect on the outcome? And if they dont give bud in 6-10 weeks will they next spring?

    Also is it smart to maybe give them artificial light for heat? Maybe a couple hours a day, and the rest in sunlight? Or doesn't it work that way?

    Strains are X2 Amnesia Haze X1 Super Lemon Haze (both autoflowering)

    Completely new to growing btw!

    Thanks for reading this. Here are some pictures :bigjoint:

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    The soil you are using could be an issue. I do not see anything to help drainage like perlite. MJ in pots likes a quality soil with aeration for a quality grow.
    This is the look of a soil that would be satisfactory, the white nuggets are perlite.
    Joseph Challita

    Joseph Challita New Member

    Thanks for the reply man! I could arrange that for them, pretty worried about transplanting them one more time though, But they should be alright right? And what about getting them lights and a grow tent? I prefer outdoor growing cause it's cheaper on the electricity bills but if I know it helps can give them some light/heat for a few hours? Or is it not good to mix artificial and sunlight? Current temperatures here now are turning into 17-20 C and dropping into winter. The first 2 weeks since I planted them was 20-24 C so quite a change.. thanks again!
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    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Babies need longer light and smaller pots. Just put them under cool white fluorescence 24 hrs on.
    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    They should be fine to transplant now. If they show any transplant shock they should bounce back quickly.
    The rest I'm not sure, I only grow indoors.

    Here is a link for some info online about soils.

    If your looking for books to read here are two good choices.
    Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible
    Marijuana Grower's Handbook by Ed Rosenthal
    Joseph Challita

    Joseph Challita New Member

    Thanks again for the information!
    If I wanted to give these babies around 4-5 more hours of light, which led would be recommended? Thinking of buying/building a small grow tent along with it maybe around 1x1x1x1 meters, I'm getting confused with the watts :/

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    Those are way underdeveloped for 3 weeks and with auto's it will sacrifice your harvest, you need to get them under some great light for atleast 18hrs a day to get them going, they are going slow because of the pot size they are focusing on building a massive rootsystem instead of vegging out foliage, this is what a 3 week old seeding should look like this is a plant that is 23 days old from seed.

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    A great and inexpensive LED is a viparspectra par 600, you can get them on amazon and they do wonders for vegging your plants here is a side by side comparison of some clones i have vegging under one these 2 pictures are 6 days apart you can see a very noticable diffrence in size in just 6 days under this 250 dollar LED. IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0341.JPG

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