Always look on the bright side of legalization

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by WHATFG, Apr 19, 2017.


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    people who write this have no clue..
    sympathize this mofofs
    its our way or the HIGHWAY! will not settle for less after this long and now being CRIMINALIZED for being sick!!!!!!:cuss:


    How that COURT CASE DOING METRUNNING!bongsmilie
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    The only bright side is this brings to light the idiocy and lack of effort by the task force. Chimps coulda done a better job
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    "while I agree that packaging should not appeal to kids"

    Here we go another person with turrets, repeating the same shit over. They're worried about packaging and children when weed will probably be available in liquor stores/retail store fronts and people will be smoking weed around children 100X more than now. Nothing like kids getting their 19 year old friends to get them a six pack a 6 grams of weed to smoke in the park or raiding their parents legal stash. But but its for the kids....

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    The ludicrousness of making it 14 years in prison for giving cannabis to minors... but my 16 year old can sit and drink in a bar with me her legal guardian but if i give her a bud that is the end of the world. Well in my house I talk to my kids about everything from sex to canabis and yes if my children wanted to experiment with the devil weed I would supply it for them. Why would I send my teenager into an unknown situation to take the chance of harm from either the dealer or law enforcement cause heaven forbid she/he bought more then 5 grams and get charged under the new bs system that was suppose to protect the Canadian youth not prosecute them...
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    greg nr

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    You mean like Joe Camel on the packs of cigs? Or flavored tobacco (chocolate, cookies, etc)? Or beer commercials that push sex and risk in the same breath as bud light?

    Yup, can't have packaging that appeals to kids. Nope.
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    CannaReview Well-Known Member

    If they gave a fuck about the children there wouldn't be isle long displays of colorful breakfast cereals packed with sugars that start kids on their way to add, obesity and diabetes.
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    With the slap on the wrist minors will soon receive for possession...I can see a bunch of teenagers guerrilla growing all over Canada next year. Fuk, why not supply themselves?!?! Outdoor growing is not that difficult...even a child could do it! :)
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    JungleStrikeGuy Well-Known Member

    Trina has some good points how this is a step forward, but personally I'm getting a little tired of the tone policing (as is Tousaw, from a recent tweet) regarding feedback about this legislation. It is flawed, some might say deeply flawed, and the LPC doesn't deserve a participation award for not breaking another campaign promise.
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    It's a step in the right direction. If you thought it was going to be cut and dry, you would be a fool. There will be challenges, most look at the maximum penelties, but how often do max penelties get applied? Manditory mins. are gone, that's a plus. Imo the drugged driving bill is the grand turd of the pile, it can't stand up in court. I Can more or less live with the bulk of the bill. It won't really affect me, It lets me do what I want and not worry about prosecution. It's far from "legalization" but it's a start. Its going to be real hard to keep everybody (votes) happy. Espesially when there's big money involved.


    cannadan Well-Known Member

    Only a company tied to the former MMPR or the current "patient raping" acronym ...
    could even suggest for us to look at the "bright side" of legalization.....oh ya its a lift article.
    tell that shit to anyone who has been the last couple of month's
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    CannaReview Well-Known Member

    Written by someone who works for /helps LP applicants. Of course she'll be positive or find something positive.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    It's great to be considered a criminal in the eyes of the law,

    ,,as a terminal cancer patient. :cuss:

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    Its all or nothing after this amount of time dude..:???:
    to even THINK what they have come up with is ok is far from the truth..

    better the way it was than what they propose..for patients anyway...

    its not the same for people who are sick..and need this to survive.


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