Another Chiller Question


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I'm on a budget to get a used chiller. I found this one for $100

might be able to haggle the teacher down a's a 1/6 HP for my RDWC

Can I put this in my 5 Gallon Reservoir to keep my Temps down?

It cools 10-60 gallon Aquariums

I found some traditional ones but I'm awaiting response from sellers. I'm just weighing my options here...

Does anyone think they can eyeball the specs on that Element?


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I'm thinking Yes? I just found a picture of that Aquarium while searching for other chillers where the sellers

I believe that is a 4 Gallon Aquarium. If so, it will fit...Just a question as to will this work submerged without any toxins..that will affect the plants


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I would have bought that unit a month ago if I'd be certain I could install

I'm not mechanically inclined...

Now I do have the tools to do it... I have the drill and whatever you call the Round cutting (I told you ..I'm not mechanically inclined)

I bought them to place Holes into a Big Office desk and never used them

But Where would input the wires? I would have to purchase a controller as well..