Another Cob build but more advanced

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  1. So for my birthday which was last Sunday my wife knew I wanted to build another light and kept asking me all these questions what I wanted I told her parts for another cob light. So she went through my drawings and notes for the next cob light I wanted to build and ordered me parts. And she ordered the right stuff thank God. So here it is 4- Vero29 gen7 cobs, 5 different color monochromatic leds and drivers, MakersDriver & Makers manual dimming control. Oh and the Malibu Pie seeds I order for my birthday came in at the same time so another win. Here's my team og collection so far.
    20170415_134729.jpg 20170417_171441.jpg 20170417_171738.jpg
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    crocodile og

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    Dude you have the best wife ever. Does she have a sister?
  3. Hahaha no sorry only two older brothers. Yeah she's amazing thanks.
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    Nice COB/Mono Setup, curious to see the final build..

    you must be a lucky guy with such an extraordinary wife

    berulakide Well-Known Member

    thats awesome, my wife is the same... you probably knew what she was up to and just let her go eh? Mine got me a stereo and the cables for my truck last christmas.. same thing looked at my list..
    lucky guy you are though, you got lights!!
  7. I had a feeling that's what she was doing I just hoped she ordered the right stuff lol. Nice you can't go wrong with a new system for your truck.

    berulakide Well-Known Member

    yup it was the android touch screen and wiring harness.. good thing we put exactly what we needed down... lol... good luck with the build.

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    Good women, like fine wines are hard to come by. Mine is very supportive of my grow efforts.

    The want to see this light in action. Subbed.

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    That looks like it should be interesting. I added about 30w of 660nm and 5w of 390nm to each of my 4 array bars. I have them switched so that I add them during flowering-still a work in progress so it'll be next years grow before I see how it works.

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    Subbed! That's mad cool! Can't beat presents related to our passions. Or thoughtful wives.
    I like me an enhanced spectrum build, & a grow show. Looking forward to seeing this.
    Good luck all around!

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    Awesome! Care to elaborate on the Makers Driver?
  14. The makers driver is going to run the 5 channel color monochromatic leds which will be powered by a mean well LPV-100-48 and using makers manual dimmer controller to dim each color. The makers driver takes 48v to power it.

    xX_BHMC_Xx Well-Known Member

    Sounds cool! I'll have to look more into it. Really interested to see how this turns out, good luck!
  16. Need some help guys picking a driver. Last build I used HLG-185H-C1400B per 4 cobs but I want to use a bigger driver this time.

    What should I use for 4 vero29 gen7 cobs-
    Mean Well HLG-240H-C1050B
    Mean Well HLG-240H-C1400B
    Mean Well HLG-320H-C1400B
    Mean Well HLG-320H-C2100B
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  17. These are the cobs I bought from rapid led

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