Any Guess What This Is?

Thanks for looking guys this is my blueberry autoflower...1/3. She's about ready to harvest anyway but I wanted to get some opinions on what this rust colored formations are on these leaves. None of my other plants have the same issue. I water all the plants with the same amount of nutrients.. which I'm using a brand called pH perfect. I'm mixing in about half strength... I have done so now for the past 4 weeks or so. IMG_20200522_194156.jpg

Should I just do a really good job to fully eating all of that out when I trim it up?

Hawg Wild

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Severe calcium and magnesium deficiency. Too late to do anything about it now. Not going to lose any buds to it that you haven't already lost due to not yielding to full potential. The rusty spots are calcium deficiency. The veiny yellow appearance of the leaves is magnesium deficiency.
Wonder why my other plants didn't have that issue same soil...same nutrients...same everything? I did stop adding molasses when I got this new set of nutrients. I guess I should have kept giving it to them in addition to the normal nutrient schedule?IMG_20200521_140029.jpg

This is one of my other blueberries... It's about ready to chop also I think?

Image_2020-05-21 14_02_19_147.JPGImage_2020-05-21 14_02_09_512.JPG


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Why it happens under the same conditions is beyond my pay grade, but I've experienced the exact same thing on more than one grow. Currenty happening with my auto Blueberry Domina, germinated 11hrs .apart.



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The one that yellowed and crisped on the buds whilst the others didnt was the one thats soil ran dry the most before watering or a similar type event.