Anybody grind and combine?


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Once you get familiar with some of the strains you like it's very easy to make a cocktail of awesomeness. It dawned on me tonight that more people probably do this but for some reason I've never heard it brought up in conversation


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I personally like to keep all my flavors separate .. I will combine the kief once there is a good amount though.

I do however save a bit of every strain I come across that I really enjoy. When there is a rainy day I will combine all of those little pinches together with some tobacco. Regularly blending stuff though, not my thing :eyesmoke:


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Ya man I need to do some more of that. Takes a lot of time to test mixes when you're doing edibles.


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Many Strains do contribute nicely in Blends. Romulan, Cindy 99, Blueberry, Pineapple, Haze, and others all are known to be excellent companion strains for a " Super Salad." (Sweet & Sour, Forest and Fuel, Fruit & Dessert, Funky Dankness, So many Choices. ;-)


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Was about to say no, but then I remembered that my main grinder has a container on top.
When I switch strains during the day, or at evening, I change bong water and dump the remains of the grinder into the container to keep flavors separate.

Then there's the night I read a thread like this, and take a look down inside that container.

A bowl and a half of Strawberry Kush, Blueberry, GSC, Sour-D & Blue Dream, off the top of my head.
Holy cough-fest Batman! The flavor was OK - all over the place, but OK. But something about that combo was HARSH.
Mixing the other half-bowl with Blueberry cured the harshness. Pretty sure it's about to cure cogent thought too! :eyesmoke:


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I smoked a joint of cbg cbd and thc varieties mixed today. It was nice, definitely helped with my pain. I think most cbd and cbg flowers are over-dried and under-cured. Also big leaves left on them... my flower got a crew cut and these guys are pretty shaggy. It’s like running 25 miles in a marathon and stopping.


Yeah man, no problems doing it either. Throwing a couple chunks of bubblehash into the mix turns it into straight gasoline on the exhale.

It is nice to savor some strains though, mostly old school cat piss type Kush, Widows etc.

Danny McHealer

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Does anybody else grind up multiple strains to make a recipe for a certain type of high? I found that mixing CBD strains and THC strains together can be very beneficial and enjoyable. Thoughts?
Best way to make effective medicine is to find combinations that treat your symptoms. Books have been written on the subject and accurate ratios are available. I find mixing my own is better being that everyone has different brain chemistry and needs.