Anyone familiar with NY medical marijuana conditions?

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    Long story short I suffered a pretty bad back injury at work 2 years ago and im still out of work due to it. I have since had surgery which did not help much and both the workers comp doctor and my back doctor have me at 60% disabled . I have a severely herniated disc in my left L5 area and a slightly herniated one in my right L5. I also have a slight fracture in my spine which the doctor is saying is arthritis even though I never had problems with my back until the injury. The qualifications are pretty vague and im not finding much on them.

    Any help or info would be appreciated.

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    Hey man , I'm currently going through the process, and have very similar circumstances as you. I've already been through the initial screening and doctor visit. I have to go back again two more times but should have my card in two weeks. I have a ton of info should you need it. I just came here looking for information on western New York dispensaries, and it seems like there really isn't anyone on this forum from NY. In fact there isn't even a NY thread under the medical dispensary header. It's so new here and there are so few patients certified, it makes sense that there may be many of us looking for information yet? I don't know.

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    hey guys, new yorker here as well. cny area. ive got a couple qualifying conditions as well but its been really hard to find any info on getting a qualified doctor. i cant even really find whats available from these shops yet. im curious as to if its even worth it...

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    don't know much about are laws on it waiting for recreational use ill problay be dead before that shit happens

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