Anyone recommend great dry herb vape?

Horselover fat

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Why would the high be any different? It just takes away some of the draw resistance. It takes really long to finish a bowl even with the added glass.
I have no idea, but I tried it quite a few times and the bowl got finished real quick every time and the high was fairly intense, but short lived. Didn't care for it. I used the adapter with vapexhale dry mouth piece too and that was great. Alas I broke the adapter and haven't got round to get another. I like the stem well enough. Less resistance would be nice though, but what I really enjoy about the solo is how little maintennace it needs and how easy it is to fill and empty.

edit: i've had volcano, haze v3 and vapexhale prior to solo2.


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Do you want a portable or a home unit?
Home units worth looking at are vaporbros(cheap good quality). Silver surfer vape nice quality more accessories.
Can’t go wrong with a volcano for large groups.
Underdog is my personal home vape,personal sized bowls.

portables worth noting I already said mighty,lotus,solo2. Lots of other great vapes out there these are just some I have owned.

Would suggest checking or Reddit for more options


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I have a Pax3 for a year now and I dont like it at all. I got it as a gift and when I use it there is almost no clouds does not hit hard even on the hottest setting. I pack rosin filled flower and a lot of kief (A fuck ton) to make it actually hit and get me high but cleaning is a bitch. Im not really a vaping person I actually hate it but getting healthy is important I suppose.

I have used my friend mighty for DMT and it was great. Best way to vape DMT by far. Flowers vaped just as good, I would buy something like that if not portable get a volcano